Friday, June 10, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Camp... Oh my!


Where does the time go? It seems like certain times (and seasons) of life just get busy, and some of the little things get away from you... like blogging. It seems to be even more the case when Stan's away. But rest assured everything is going fine in our little family. Stan's staying safe and plenty hot - he says it's upwards of 130 degrees there daily. I know he'll greatly appreciate some rain when he gets home, although I'm not-so-secretly hoping we don't get more rain anytime soon. He will, hopefully, be back in-country very soon! 

What in the world have we been up to here on the home front? All of that end of the school year goodness. Helping in classes, prepping for summer, planting our flower beds and all of that jazz. I got to be a chaperone for Emma's 3rd grade field trip to the Seattle Zoo. We tromped around and looked for all of the animals that weren't sleeping the day away.





And a few weeks ago, I got to head up a cabin of girls at Torrey's 5th grade Outdoor Education camp. The kids did all kinds of fun outdoor studies in the rain and shine. I might just brag a little and say that the orange team took the gold... Way to go Tangelos! From scavenger hunts to dissecting owl pellets, from water and forest studies to one crazy skit night Torrey had a blast. I survived the week with a reasonable amount of coffee and a lot of reflections back to my days as a camp counselor many moons ago.

Torrey's class with "The Bird Man"

Dissecting Owl Pellets

Doing water samples


Estuary studies from a canoe

Sun Shine

Then in the in between time I've been playing with my scrappy goodies. This layout is using Punky Sprouts lil' Stems & lil' Petals, along with papers from Best Creations. Mist the lil' Stems with glimmer mist, then twist together with tulle to add a flower with lots of texture. Check out more Punky Sprouts goodness here.

Sun Shine {detail}

Sun Shine {detail}


crazymom said...

Wonderful pictures, great memories. Nothing beats all those great activities with your children. So glad to see you back! Crazy as it is, I worry about you when you don't blog! I check it daily. Love your work, love reading your story. Still praying for Stan!

Heidi said...

Noel, sounds like you and the girls have had quite a bit of fun! It's good to see that you are staying so active while Stan is away. I'm sure he'll be back soon and the four of you will be back to silly, crazy, happy fun times! You are quite the inspiration and I enjoy seeing what you and the girls are up to. Have a great week!

Vinny Margott said...

Lovely pictures !!I regularly read your blog, it is stunning, Thanks for sharing such a great memories with us...


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