Monday, June 13, 2011

Little Moments - Big Memories

"Daddy's Girl" is one of those titles that I've always held quite proudly. As a little girl, my dad would sometimes wake me up extra early in the morning to go out for hot chocolate and breakfast. Even now, my dad will stop by and we'll talk or watch movies long after the rest of my household has gone to bed. It's one of the little memories I've tried to pass onto my girls... sunrises and hot cocoa, walking through the tulip fields, picnics in the farmlands. Little moments that equal big memories.


Dad {detail}

Dad {detail}

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You are Mine

You are Mine {detail}

You are Mine {detail}

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Latrice said...

Hey sweet friend. How have you been? I hope you and the girls are having a great Summer.

Hugs to you

Lea L. said...

These are beautiful, Noel! I especially love the second one with the fabulous hearts in the background!!

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Nice !!thanks for sharing such a lovely moments...

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Watching your world through the lens of a camera capturing little moments and turning them into big memories. How awesome is that? Coordinates with the Little Moments Big Memorie.

Web Visible said...

Lovely Memories !!Sounds like it was a fun .I LOVE it. I almost think it is the best part.

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