Thursday, May 26, 2011

M is for May, Moms and More Glitz

Happy Mother's Day

As a military wife, I've spent my fair share of holidays alone or at least husband-less... birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries, and yes, Mother's Days. Lucky for me I've got a couple of little girls who have always been pretty on the ball, even without Daddy there to remind them. This year they got up nice and early, brewed me a pot of coffee and showered me with homemade presents. One of my favorites was this one. A rotating picture with the brief history of my life. They sat on either side of me and rolled the story along. Who knew a few toilet paper rolls, an old gift box and typing paper could be so much fun? I hope your Mother's Day was as blessed as mine was!

Happy Mother's Day {detail}

Happy Mother's Day {detail}
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My Grandma

My Grandma {detail}
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camilla said...

You got good kids dear friend.

I want to get together but I have two out of three sick at the moment and don't want to share that kind of love. Soon... I hope.

Love you!

Veronica said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Love those kind of stories. What great memories are being made and how proud Stan must be of his "girls!"

crazymom said...

Those sweet girls have an amazing mom who has raised them well! I'm glad to see you back. I follow your blog regularly and have been worried about you. Thanks again for all your husband does for our country and for you who keeps it all going at home without him. True sacrifices. I am greatful!

anamaria_nedelcu2013 said...


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