Tuesday, September 21, 2010

raindrops & roses

we've had record levels of rainfall in the past few weeks here in washington... which is really saying something! i mean this is washington, and rain is like my pile of dirty laundry that is so often present that you really appreciate it when it's not. that being said, yesterday it poured all day, and after work i got cozy under a warm blanket & enjoyed a good book. (i supposed i should have spent some time with that looming laundry pile, but what fun would that be?)




and the rains water the roses of life, of which i have many. my roses seem to be growning up entirely too fast these days. torrey was so excited to finally become a 5th grade buddy to a sweet little kindergartner. it's amazing to see how big all of the 5th graders looked next to their kinder-buddies. not to mention just how proud they were to be of a help to each of the little ones who needed them. 



on saturday torrey and i stumbled across a vintage show by following some signs we saw. we were spending a little mommy-daughter time talking and driving. she found a cute skirt made from a vintage tablecloth, and i found this cute little frame. we shared a piece of homemade pumpkin pie, and stacked up a few precious memories for the future.




i'm sitting here in my "coffee corner" chair in my living room, next to my handsome husband. my handsome husband who is currently state side, and at home. this man who has always stood strongly by my side through thick and thin. so for the moment, i think i am going to shut down my computer and spend a little time with the man of my dreams. the man sitting next to me. :)



Michelle said...

Your photos are just gorgeous.. as always!! I don't think you need to pay for school pics that they take at school!! You have SO many amazing shots of your girls! Good to hear all is well in your neck of the woods.

Luv2talk said...

Torrey's new 'do' is absolutely adorable. Makes her look so grown up. Amazing shots, as always, NOEL. I love stopping by and seeing what magic you have on display.



Christina Rogers said...

cute pics and layout! I can't believe how grown-up your girls are getting!!!

april showers said...

Your girls are so ADORABLE! You're a very blessed mommy.


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