Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Manly Men have birthdays too

Have you ever found it hard to come up with a handmade card for a guy? I admit I find it much easier to make girlie goodies than macho-man crafts. But with a string of guy birthdays, and the help of Glitz Designs I have a few projects to share.

Glitz DT - 40th birthday

Layers of masculine distressed patterns in neutral colors are an easy way to give something a manly feel. Keeping the extra embellishments simple, and focusing on the layering keeps it from feeling feminine.

Glitz DT - 40th birthday {detail}

Supplies: Paper: Vintage Love Letters (VL2389), Kismet Stripe (K2211), Kismet Ledger (K2860), Distressed Couture Blocks (DC2846); Rub-ons: Vintage Extras (RO2763)

Glitz DT - 25th birthday

On this card I couldn't quite resist the urge to add a flower. To keep it from getting girlie I used a brown flower, and separated the layers of paper on the flower to give it a more worn look. Also, using staples to attach the embellishments is a simple masculine touch.

Glitz DT - 25th birthday {detail}

Supplies: Paper: Kismet Numbers (K2242), Kismet Dots (K2228), Vintage Love Dots (VL2853); Stickers: Teeny Alpha Round Black (C2808)

Glitz DT - birthday

This card was for a younger manly man who was just turning 2. I kept with the layers of neutral colors idea, but added a little fun with patterns and colors for a younger fella. Then added a touch of corrugated cardboard stapled on for good measure. To personalize the card for the recipient, I cut the "T" from the Vintage Love Letters paper.

Glitz DT - birthday {detail}

Supplies: Paper: Vintage Love Dots (VL2853), Vintage Love Letters (VL2389), Vintage Love Striped (VL2341), Kismet Numbes (K2242), Kismet Ledger (K2860), Kismet Floral (K2235), Maya Patchwork (M2303)


Jessica said...

Thanks for the ideas! I was just getting ready to make a card for my 11 year old nephew and had no idea what I was going to do!

Laura said...

Love it! You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

The little man icon on the first card is a bit ott, no? We men get it, it's a man's card. We're not stupid.

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