Thursday, August 19, 2010

and now back to daily life...

still catching up on posting my 365 pics, we got home from vacation and merged right back into daily summer life here at home.

when we got home from vacation, i was looking around for inspiration and was inspired by a picture this site: flora bella this is my take on that inspiration.

 before the haircut

my little torrey, heading soon into the 5th grade, decided to get a haircut to accompany her last year in elementary school. (i'm still not exactly sure how all of this time went by so quickly! why wasn't i listening more closely when people told me that???) i'm pretty sure this haircut grew her up a few years in a few minutes!

another shot of the cute new do. :)

one of my favorite things in the world is making my cute husband laugh, that and watching him topple over in a good belly laugh. it's one of the million and one reasons i love him so.


stan started giving emma some drum lessons the other day after weeks of constant tapping on the counter. it's so fun to watch those drum skills used as daddy/daughter bonding moments.

this summer the girls moved up to "big girl" bikes... i.e. bikes that are the same size as mom's bike. they've gotten so LONG this summer. their legs and arms and bodies are just stretching out like crazy! i remember them trying these bikes out last year, and they couldn't even touch the ground.



loved this little note emma left for her "sweat and loveing" dad the other morning by the coffee pot, so he'd find it when he woke up. :)

we also got a visit from stan's parents this summer. it's pretty obvious how much the girls adore their grandpappy. :)





i wish i had a little more reserve to write, but i'm a little emotionally tapped right now. so that's as good as it's gonna get today!

reveling in life's little blessings & walking by faith


Josh Healy said...

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Monica said...

I actually like your take on the picture better than the original! Love looking at your work. Thanks for sharing your pics!!

Anonymous said...

I love her hair cut!! It is so cute and perfect for 5th grade. Your right though it does make her look older.


Dawn said...

The haircut is absolutely adorable! Does make her look a bit older and I'm sure she's OK with that! :)

Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

okanogangirl said...

Torrey's hair is ADORABLE!!!


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