Wednesday, August 18, 2010

road trippin' {part 2}

more pictures from the great culbertson road trip of 2010...

day 8: arriving at zion national park. this was our first trip to zion as well. i'd never even heard of zion until a couple of years ago when i was looking through some pictures my friend ingunn took of one of her trips to the park. i emailed her and asked her about the park then, and decided one day we'd have to make a trip there. well this was our one day, and we'll definitely be back. it is a truly beautiful national park!

day 9: we hiked the narrows at zion... this was bar-none the most beautiful hike i've taken in my life! we hiked through the river with the canyon shooting up on either side of us. so cool beyond words! more pictures here.

day 10: we hiked to weeping rock, hidden canyon and the emerald pools. the navajo sandstone is spectacular & the girls were such tough cookies with the switchbacks and scrambling. makes a mama proud! more pictures here.

day 11: on our last day at zion we hiked the narrows again, and made it 10 miles round trip. one of these days we're going to plan for the overnight length hike in the narrows. beyond beautiful! more pictures here.

day 12: we went through 4 states on our way toward san francisco. driving through all of the farm lands we couldn't help but stop by a produce stand for a fresh fruit snack.

golden gate
day 13: we stopped at the golden gate on our way toward highway 1 to drive up the northern california coast. it was typically foggy, and another wonder of america. lots more pictures here.

on the way up the coast we stopped at a couple of beaches and cute little towns... and found a live drive through redwood tree.

day 14: the last leg of our journey home through oregon and back to washington i caught this sweet little sister moment, and can't help but hope this will be one of those trips that they'll remember for a lifetime.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of Zion National Park. Awesome, colors are so beautiful.

--Marilyn, Northern VA


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