Friday, November 6, 2009

dear neglected blog, i still love you

oh my goodness, how did i get so behind... again? in the busyness of daily life, my poor blog has been one of the back burner items lately. we've been keeping very busy getting ready for stan's upcoming deployment and spending as much family time as possible together. So here is my week in review... starting with the cushy kissing reindeer slippers from target's dollar section. who knew slippers could be such fun?!

my wild little pumpkin princess with one of her self-thought-out poses after school. :)

torrey and daddy snuggling up on the couch for a daddy/daughter moment. she's going to have a bit of a hard time when he goes, i think. not that it doesn't have its effect on all of us, but this age for torrey seems to be ushering in the beginning of the tween changes for her... and daddy seems to have a magical way of teaching and growing her up. let me just say a special prayer of thanks to the person who invented the webcam!

darn daylight savings time messing with my natural light options! lol. so there may be two dozen more pictures of my christmas tree as i come into the end of the year! loving that lensbaby creative aperture deal, though.

can i just take a minute to say how much i love my husband? for the amazing man who will do just about anything {even wear green tights} for his girls... i'm pretty sure there's a special place in heaven for that man! we spent halloween night running around our usual stops visiting my parents, grandparents, great uncle, and friends from church as the neverland family - peter pan, wendy, john and tinkerbell. the man in green tights survived the whole ordeal and earned himself some serious points with his house full of estrogen!

being a little behind and backwards on our holidays, we didn't get to the pumpkin patch until the day before halloween. after school on friday, we rushed home and changed the girls out of their costumes and into some regular clothes for a quick jaunt to the pumpkin patch. (hence the eye makeup on emma.) the girls searched the muddy patch for their perfect pumpkins. i have a bunch more pictures here. it was definitely a very fallish day with the leaves whirling around in the wind. makes coming home to carve them with hot apple cider that much more special, though.

now i've gotta zip off to help with a veterans day project at the school! ah, the perfectly content and busy life of a mom. i wouldn't have it any other way!


Sara Ancich said...

is it just me, or so the lights on yoru tree look like hearts? Beautiful. love your halloween costumes!!!!!! We have never done the family theme before. It is the best.

noel joy said...

it's not just you sara... i have a lens that makes lights turn into shapes. :)

Sandy said...

Hi Noel! Is your tree up already because Stan won't be there for xmas? Hope he'll come back safe and sound to you all!!

Still loving that blog of yours!!


noel joy said...

thanks sandy! yes, it's up early for stan. :( said...

You are all so cute - love your Halloween costumes! What wonderful memories you are creating for those beautiful girls!

Eileen said...

As I told Joscie...I love how you love your man!! That picture of Torrey and Stan is so perfect...

Fingers crossed and prayers as always for you and your family!

Jen said...

I know! Web cams and email! What a blessing to have technology during deployment. It wasn't like that just 10 years ago!

Kendra@PurposelyCapturingHappyMoments said...

I agree Jen, it is so nice to have web cams and email during deployment. I wish my DH and I had that when he was stationed in Japan. We were just telling the kids how we had to use calling cards and letters to communicate!

Noel, will you share how you made your 365 brush?

Hope everyone feels better at your house soon!

Photobby said...

Cool motion blur look to the tree. I keep meaning to drop into Glazers and test drive a lens baby. Probably would be good to do before Christmas...


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