Thursday, October 29, 2009

in the waning light

being one who takes almost all of my pictures with natural light... the changing of the season is sure having an effect on my daily life! it's getting kind of hard to sneak in a natural light picture when the girls get home from school. by late afternoon so much of the light is already gone. guess it makes for a good reason to learn how to use my flash better... today i played around with the lensbaby and the creative aperture disks again. i gave the heart a try today with torrey. thought the irony of her grumpy face and the hearts sort of flying away worked. i did get a bunch of her smiling too here.

we have theis amazing japanese maple in our backyard that turns the most vibrant shade of red in the fall... then gets even brighter when it's wet with rain. i completely missed getting a picture of it since it dropped all of its leaves suddenly one day. well, by golly, i wasn't going to miss it this year! so the past couple of days i ran the girls out there for a few shots by the red tree. there are a few more shots of emma here.

this was one of those i-missed-the-opportunity-to-use-natural-light moments. so i grabbed my flash {nikon sb600}, used my on camera flash in commander mode... and did my best.

on a scrappy note... my very favorite scrapbook store is making bunches of cards for service members on veteran's day this year. they asked if i'd write up a blog post for them... which you can see here. if you're in the area & would like to come by the store to make cards for soldiers on veteran's day, there's a bit more info here. we hope to see you there!

i also have a new layout up on the ella blog along with my fabulous ella friends. the super cute tami morrison wrote the post up. while you're over at ella, check out stacy julian & lain ehmann's latest book "20 simple secrets of happy scrapbookers".


Jingle said...

These are fabulous sphotos, Noel! The color is truly amazing! I really love your card, too!

Scrappy Girl said...

While out trick or treating last night we came upon a front yard with cute concrete steps and 2 of those trees sprinkling red leaves all over. I couldn't resist sitting the kids on the steps and capturing a couple pics.

Jamie Lane said...

Your card is super cute! I just happened to stumble over here from another blog...I use to chat with you on CK MB (a ways back!)...I can't believe that you got the in the HECK did I miss that? CONGRATS!

Sara Ancich said...

That middle picture in the red leaves is my favorite picture I have ever seen on your blog. Ahhhhhmazing.

Becca said...

Noel, such sweet princesses! When I saw your Year 2008 layout in CK, I was amazed how your girls are now little ladies. Hugs!
- Becca
of One Bright Spot
sis of Jen Evans


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