Monday, November 9, 2009

i had such high hopes for today...

but alas, i got sick and got absolutely nothing done! poor emma was super sick yesterday, and last night i caught some of her germies. at four this afternoon i drug my sorry self out of bed to see how torrey's day at school went. so much for a productive day of scrapping! hopefully tomorrow i'll be back up and at 'em.

at least i will have my blog updated before the clock strikes 12! lol. i am hoping to get a year-in-review photo book made for the inlaws (good thing they don't have internet access!) before christmas, but haven't quite got it together yet! how did the year slip by so quickly? at least i've been able to keep up on the 365 shots! :)

thursday was a late night, almost-missed-my-picture-of-the-day sort of day, so i got a shot of some fridge art by emma. it so much reminds me of me as a kid. tons of tiny little life details all on one little drawing. i think my favorite is that her tongue is sticking out while she's drawing the picture in the picture. so so emma! :)

friday afternoon i helped finish up the gift the school is giving to the veterans for their annual veteran's day assembly. i love how this year's project turned out. i'm sure i'll have a picture of it tomorrow when stan gets one at the assembly. it's such a blessing to see so many veterans come to the school and share with the kids. anyway, i got a quick shot of torrey walking out of school for the weekend on friday for our pic of the day.

saturday we had our annual christmas party at our house, which this year was also a going away party for stan. can't help but feel blessed after an evening like that!

sunday morning emma woke up with a terrible fever. so i stayed home from church to take care of my baby. poor little princess was so wiped out all day, and by evening, i'd come down with the same yuckies. so the two of us spent a good portion of sunday snuggled in a living room chair together.

i was feeling very lucky today to have a picture at all. i hardly had it in me to get out of bed, but nonetheless, i did make it upstairs and on the porch to catch torrey after school in the waning bit of daylight. sometimes it's the little accomplishments that make your day! lol. it's 10pm and i'm feeling a little better. the fever is gone for now, and as far as i can tell, i've been able to write a somewhat coherent post. so i'm thinking i better quite while i'm ahead and say goodnight! :)


CreativeChretin said...

Hope you feel better soon!

PattiM said...

Love that drawing and the pictures are always great. Hope you feel better soon, Noel! I got a sore throat last last night and want to know who gave it to me....LOL There goes my day a Michael's, darn.


(Pattie's passion)
I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

Jen said...

Feeling your pain! Just got over it myself!

Michelle said...

Hope you and Emma feel better soon. We had our whole house down with whatever it was going thru here about a week or so ago.. so I feel your pain.

I hope you had a wonderful party!! Thinking of Stan and all the other military personnel today!! And everyday! Tell him to stay safe. I hope it isn't a long deployment!!


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