Monday, October 26, 2009

a week flies by

so here i am behind on posting again! so once again, i'll do a quick sum up of our week with project 365 pics...



spent most of the week just keeping busy with daily life... scrapping, family time and the lot. we're down to the last few weeks of having stan at home, so we've definitely been packing in every moment of family time possible. playing yahtzee, having breakfast together, reading together, wrestling around... you know, just the perfect little moments that make everyday life wonderful.

saturday we all slept in & stan made one of his yummy breakfasts. lucky us! we never eat as well when he's away! after breakfast emma and i headed downstairs to brush our teeth. while we were downstairs i checked her little wiggly teeth. those babies were definitely ready to come out. so i pulled them out for her & she ran upstairs to show daddy her new toothless smile. there are a few more shots here. good thing the tooth fairy had some cash on hand for her visit.

after the toothy excitement had waned a little, we pulled out our boxes and boxes for christmas decorations. yes, i know it's not even halloween yet, but well, we're celebrating christmas a little early this year. on deployment years, we always put up our christmas decorations before stan leaves. by the end of the day the tree was up & decorated. by sunday we had most of the garland up and ornaments hung from the kitchen ceiling. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas here! all of this early decorating does add to the sadness a bit... knowing that it's all up because stan's not going to be here. still, i'd rather decorate and celebrate together. just something magical about the whole thing.

with the tree and lights up, i figured it would be a good time to mess around with my lensbaby & the creative aperture star-shape thingy. (it's a cool little disk that slides into the lensbaby and changes the lights into star shapes.) the picture above is an ornament my great grandma made for me when i was in junior high. when we were decorating the tree together, i was telling the girls where all of the different ornaments came from... i was thinking, man, i'm the only one who really knows where all of these came from! note to self: take pictures of ornaments & tell their stories at some point.

well, i'm now all caught up... well at least for another 29 minutes until the clock strikes midnight & i'm behind again! lol.


Latrice said...

OMG!!! The spiderweb is gorgeous! It reminds me of tinkerbell when she's trying to ut dew drops on the web! LOL!! Great jon Noel!

okanogangirl said...

as always, incredible photos. That lens baby with the star filter RAWKS!!!! Almost makes me want one. Keep sharing those great pics!

Anonymous said...

Luv the star effect via your lensbaby. Those pictures are truly awesome.

As a side note, your layout in CK Nov., is really nice. Like the contrast of the red/white/blue outfits on the green background. Would have never thought of those colors together. Your work is awesome.

Northern VA


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