Tuesday, October 20, 2009

are you a happy scrapper?

a matter of perspective-1

i remember when i first started scrapbooking "for reals" (i.e. with actual scrapbooking products) i was sure that i had to scrapbook every single picture i took. why? i'm not exactly sure, it's not like someone told me that's how it had to be... or else. but nonetheless, it was a rule i had for myself. it took all of one album to break me of this self-imposed unrealistic expectation. after 40 some pages of torrey's first two months of life, i realized i would never be able to keep up. so rather than taking less pictures (clearly not an option for me) i decided to scrap only the pictures i felt like scrapbooking. FREEDOM! without the stress of crazy mad-minded rules, a whole new world of happy scrapping opened up for me.

ella publishing's latest book, a combined effort by stacy jullian and lain ehmann,  20 simple secrets of happy scrapbookers, nails real-life right on the head. with one of lain's tips, it's how you think about it,  as inspiration i scrapped about a little change of heart that changed my perspective in a big way.  check out this very cool book today, and watch the ella blog on wednesday for a chance to win some very fun goodies!


Anonymous said...

I just blogged about the same issue today! Yah- who did tell us we had to scrap every pic? I can say that, I am a happy scrapper, now that I'm doing it my own way!

Carly said...

Noel, I LOVE this page! Love how you did the paint & the simply op top of it (did you sew that?). Really like the journaling too. I'm one of those that have to scrapbook 40 pages of month two. And I feel like I HAVE to scrap in order. In fact my daughter is 5 and I just barely got done with her birth-no joke. Because I felt like I had to do all of my other pictures before I started her album. I just am finally letting myself scrapbook different pictures here and there and it feels so freeing! TFS Carly


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