Friday, October 9, 2009

{family} first

i'm back, and once again trying to catch up on the old blog. so here we are for what seems like another week in review post through 365 pictures.

sunday was my mommy's birthday. she turned {according to my facebook friend} 35. lol. but really, i'm pretty darn blessed with a great mom.

when the rubber meets the road, when life throws you against a wall or into the dirt, she's always there... like an anchor to help you weather the storm

she has a beautiful heart, a contagious laugh and an enveloping hug

when you're sick or injured... she's there with a creative solution to your problem at hand. {the rolly office chair & my foot surgery is a personal favorite}

she's taught me how to be a friend, how to forgive and how to laugh at myself {often}

she makes people feel special, appreciated and cared for

she's always there for my near daily phone calls just to say hi and talk about nothing

she's my mom. she's beautiful. she is amazing.

{inspired by my mom & this ella book}

who says monday has to be a crummy start to the week? i had the day off work (mondays are my weight watchers work day). stan was on pre-deployment leave for the week (military speak for vacation time before you deploy). stan spent the morning fishing with a couple of fellas from church, while i got the girls off to school. we met up for breakfast then headed down to our favorite local bike trail. we rocked the 34 miles round trip in 2.5 hours... let me just tell you, my legs were so wobbly at the end, i wasn't sure it was safe to get off my bike. i'm not sure i would have charged through it that fast if it weren't for the fact that we didn't want to be late for torrey's orthodontist appointment! those kids always keep you moving. lol.

tuesday we met up with the amazing becky in seattle for some super fun family photos. if you're in the area, and are looking for a fabulously fun & creative person to hook you up with some great family pics, becky is your girl! we hit gasworks park & pike's place market, even had lunch at dick's burgers.

as if that weren't enough to make the day perfect, at least for me, stan & i had planned a surprise trip for the family to great wolf lodge. the girls had no idea until we pulled into the parking lot. we might have even mentioned to them that we were planning to spend a couple of days digging ditches at a friend's house... much to their surprise, we spent a couple of days soaking wet and pruney at great wolf's indoor water park. holy cow, is this place fun! from a mom point of view: i'd definitely recommend it to any family looking to spend a few days of fun somewhere. we will surely be back.

we stayed two nights, and played three days & added a bunch of pics of our trip here. water slides, wave pools and thousands of gallons of dumping water, oh my!

thursday, after spending one last morning slipping & sliding in the water park and pressured by a scheduled orthodontist appointment, we headed toward home. we rolled into town, and went right to the orthodontist, where torrey had her expander taken out & was gifted with a brand new retainer. how i walked out of the office with 77 pictures of the process, i attribute to the fact that my camera is just super speedy. yah, that must be it. scrolling through the pictures at home, while getting some good family laughs, i kept thinking... these are moments that most people don't have recorded... and there's probably a reason for that! lol.

now off to make & record some memories for today!


Becky said...

What a great day it was on Tuesday! Looks like your week ended great as well! Thanks, again, for hooking up with me in Seattle for some great photo ops! You guys are AWESOME!

The Grounds Family said...

I have to laugh at your post. I think I recognize "Dr. Paul's" hands, arms, and fluffy hair! too funny. We see him in Everett, and I do have lots of pictures at the ortho office!


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