Saturday, October 3, 2009

world card making day, baby... oh & a lensbaby, baby!

so today was world card making day. as i often say around my house, "honesty is policy"... so truth be told, i did not make any cards on world card making day. ::gasp:: instead, i spent the day with my sweet family. with stan's deployment in the not too distant future, we're squeezing in every minute of family time we can. we met up with a friend this morning who was working on a photography project for her masters. she took some pics of our family for her project... we laughed a lot, and ended with a family breakfast at one of our favorite local breakfast joints. you know, one of those places that's called one thing, but everyone in your family calls it a "pet name"? ok, maybe that's not normal...

anyway, after some inspiration from denise & hubby this morning, i decided to pull out my lensbaby. i picked it up back in july, but with the craziness of the chief's initiation, i didn't really get around to experimenting with it. it's a cool selective focus lens, which you can read all about on their site. i took a bunch of pics of the girls outside. emma pulled me aside part way through, and asked if she could sing me a song she made up. seriously, it was the cutest thing ever. all about enjoying being out in the wind in nature & how good it is to love God. how could you not help but pick her up in a giant hug and swing her around after that? well, i couldn't help it, anyway. there are more of the lensbaby & singing pictures here.

we topped the evening off by watching the 50's musical, funny face. the girls get such a kick out of watching fred astaire dance. after trying desperately last night to get halfway through 2001 space odyssey... the pace of the movie was a welcome change. if you don't remember watching it when you were younger (we didn't) or think it's a good idea to rent... let me just give you this little tidbit. i didn't realize that they were going to show just how long it would take to go to jupiter in REAL TIME. holy moly. after an hour and a half into the movie, you finally figure out the first tidbit about the plot. wowza. we didn't exactly make it through the second half... we changed it out for guys & dolls. hurray for 3 movies, 3 days, 3 dollars!

like i said before, we're getting close to deployment #6, and for webcam ability purposes it was time to update stan's laptop. amazing how quickly computers are obsolete, isn't it? well, i've been talking to him for months about switching over to a mac when the time came. i believe the phrase was, "once you go mac, you never go back." my darling husband, who is not keen on technological change, in a moment of weakness, caved. he came home with a new lappy... and he LOVES it. he has said, no less than 10 times in the past two days, "you were right!" that is one MIGHTY mac! hee hee. (and yes, i'm pretty sure he'll never go back!)

5 days till christmas

holiday memories card
and since it was world card making day, i figured i'd share a couple of cards i made for lasting memories, using the my mind's eye's christmas line. so there it is. out little weekend i, so far, in a nutshell. hope yours is wonderful & family filled.


Scrappy Girl said...

I didn't make any cards yesterday either! I did hand deliver one my MIL asked me to make for her to give. We took our 3 girls costume shopping!

Amy L said...

Great catching up on things, Noel!

Val said...

I was close on the cards...made some on Friday.

So jelly about the new laptop - maybe one day it'll happen. Congrats!

As always, wonderful pictures. Their eyes are so beautiful and sparkly. :)

And definitely eek out all the family time you can!!

Jingle said...

Congratulations on bringing Stan into the light! LOL! Your lens seems to be great! Very cute cards, too!


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