Tuesday, September 1, 2009

summer's end

we're eeking very close to the end of summer... just one more day left for us. maybe we can think of some way to send summer out with a bang tomorrow. or maybe we'll just spend it frantically getting ready for thursday. either way, it's been a pretty darn great summer. today we stopped by the school to check out the girls' classrooms, and get our annual pictures on the school sign. (it's a lot easier when there aren't several hundred people driving by.) we even got to visit a little with emma's 1st grade teacher, we're going to miss her this year!

the rest of the day was spent running around trying to get a bunch of errands knocked out. first off to the book store to spend a gift certificate that torrey had from her birthday. then to cash & carry for several bottles of sugar-free coffee syrups for my morning cup-o-joe (coconut, cream de' menthe and pumpkin pie). next to gymboree to return a sweater that i liked so much i bought it twice - have i mentioned how much i love the staff at the alderwood mall gymboree? well, i love them! lastly we jetted off to the grocery store to pick up some fruits & veggies. i'll miss being able to do the day to day tasks with my sweet little ones once school starts.

yesterday we had our annual "back to school fashion show". it's a big event here at our house. the girls get to try on all of their back to school fashions & i get to record them on "film" for posterity's sake. we fit most of the outfits in before we lost the light, guess that means i've gotta try to fit the rest of them in tomorrow. i've got a few of the pics up here. these'll be funny to look back on in 10 or 20 years from now. :)

noel joy


obxpatti said...

I do a "fashion show" with my son each season, too. The only twist is that we do it also to get rid of the clothes that no longer fit. He would just "die" if I took photos of him though. Ah, the joy of girls!

Luv2talk said...

So, if you bought it "twice", does that actually mean you bought (4) of them? :)

Super cute "do's" on the girls (luv "the flip").

Kenny is gearing up for college (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??!!) Man, how time flies!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos, keep 'em coming!


Scrappy Girl said...

I {heart} Gymboree too. Wild Child's preschool teacher asked me yesterday if we went back to school shopping at Gymboree..she LOVES the kid's clothes. Those red coats are SO nice.

Anonymous said...

Very nice back to school fashion show pictures. Really liking the long tunic length sweaters and vest. Looks like they are already for their big day today.

From reading your blog, your family seems to have had an awesome summer with a lot of fun travel.

Northern VA

Latrice said...

Their hair cuts are adorable and The red jackets are super cute. Where are they from? I've got to find Annastasia a good fall jacket.

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

I have SOOOO Missed seeing your photos (I have been on total computer diet!!!)
Gorgeous girls and what a fun idea bout the back to school fashion show.
The bus picture in the post before is amazing!!!


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