Sunday, September 6, 2009


hopefully i've successfully planted a song from shrek in your head for the rest of the day... if not, well, can't say i didn't try.

lots of changes around our house this week. after a zillion pictures & goodbye hugs the girls started the 2009-10 school year thursday. even more notably, at least in my little world, the girls went to school in different outfits of their own choosing.

for the past nearly 7 years the girls have spent most of their days in sweet little matching outfits. they've never put up a fuss or complained. it was just a non-issue at our house. but with torrey going into 4th grade, i figured i'd let her know it was an option NOT to match. (i figure if that's the worst thing they have to talk to a psychiatrist about when they grow up, we did alright. lol) anyway, after some discussion, she decided she'd like that. then my sweet girl, who is sometimes so grown up for her age, said, "how about this mom... during the week at school, we'll wear different stuff. then on sundays, we can wear matching outfits." i thought that was a pretty thoughtful consolation prize. so i'm being weened from my matching days, and enjoying the next phase of fun these two precious girls have to offer.

all that aside, they both had a wonderful first day at school. new friends, old friends, new teachers and new classrooms. they came home with lots to say about all of the "new-s" in their lives. (highlights of the first day)

friday was emma's second day of second grade. inspired by this song, i've gotten pictures of the girls on each of their numbered days & grades. so here she is on her golden day of 2nd grade. it's amazing how fast they grow. i was digging through some older pictures to compare the girls at each age, and this was torrey's second day of second grade picture... it's crazy how fast it's gone by!

2007_0905 003a

while taking pictures of torrey for project 365 yesterday, i happened to look down to find this. lucky me to stumble on such sweetness. i'm pretty sure those freckles are kisses from God himself. ah, the joys of the precious memories caught by taking a picture a day for a year. :)

today we went to church & spent the day cleaning the house. a perfect family day on a rainy afternoon... even if there was cleaning involved. just nice to have stan home for the day. having been so busy with all of his chief stuff lately, we really appreciate any day we get together. so in honor of a clean house... this is my picture of the day.

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joscelyne cutchens said...

ohmygosh. that was the first thing I noticed, they're not matching! that was a sweet consolation that they'll still dress the same on sundays. I wonder, though, how did emma feel about not matching? was she still wanting to wear the same thing? and since I'm on the question train, ha, did they really wear the same clothes every day, not just on picture taking days? wow!

joscelyne cutchens said...

and how rude of me to not mention. they look gorgeous as always. i love that sweet red sailor dress, how sweet. and my how time has flown by!

Latrice said...

I did notice them not matching! How fun though that they are growing up. Anna starts Pre school tuesay. *sob sob*


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