Sunday, August 30, 2009

the wheels on the bus are getting closer

i've been working with an intern this summer who was looking to learn a few photoshop & photography tips. we didn't quite end up with as much face to face time as we'd hoped, but i think it worked out ok in the end. she came over for one last visit on friday morning. we went over a few things, then we went out and took some pictures of the girls. while she was here, we were looking through some old pictures she'd taken... she showed me these cool pictures of an old abandoned bus. with school starting in just a few days, i just had to find out where it was to get some funky back to school type shots. she hooked me up with the directions, and i headed out with the girls a little later that afternoon.

perfect for some back to school type pictures, right? oh yah! well, i had to take one for the team & clear out a bunch of stinging nettles first. my arm was pretty tingly for several hours... but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. we took as many pictures as lighting & personal risk management would allow, then headed on our way. (see more pictures here)

part way home, i realized i was missing my phone. crummy! so back we went to go searching through the crushed nettles for my phone. no dice. so i drove to my parent's house to see if they were home. i figured one of them could come with me, call my phone and help located it in the brush. daddy to the rescue! back to the bus one more time. yahoo, success this time. we got quite the laugh out of the whole ordeal. fun memory turned funnier. :)

saturday we headed to warm beach camp for their annual auction to support their "kids 2 camp" program. the girls got their faces painted & i came home with a chimney sweep... or at least a certificate for one to visit my house. now if he could only sing and dance on my rooftop!

stan's been working hard on all of his chief's initiation stuff. i wish i could explain the whole process, but alas, i don't know how the whole thing works entirely myself. i can say that it's been a really fascinating process to watch my husband go through. there's been lots of frustration, sleep deprivation, self-discovery and growth along the way. we've still got a couple of weeks left until the end on september 16th. i'm so dang proud of him, i'm nearly speechless. he's worked so hard on all of his last wood working projects. this one is the last one to finish, his hat box. i can't wait to see him in his new uniforms for the first time on the 16th. there's something about really working for something that makes the finish that much sweeter.

**thanks for all of the encouragement on my exercise & ww goal setting. i'm hoping to keep it up for week two!


Emilie Ahern said...

Girl....those pictures are FAN-TASTIC!!
You constantly inspire and blow me away with your photos!

Anonymous said...

Love the bus pictures. Looks like a pretty scary location - almost out of Steven King, eek! I think your adventure was worth it though:-)

Michelle said...

Noel, I LOVE your photos!! They are fantastic!! I have really enjoyed all of your photos!! I am glad you located your phone!!

Angie said...

I ADORE that old bus. Almost worth a road trip from Utah...

Jamie said...

Ooh, I have been thinking about asking if you do private lessons for photo shop and photography. I asked your mom last fall if she thought you would go for that. Maybe when you have nothing going on. ha ha. i love the bus. I want to go there. Since I am in Stanwood, maybe its close, and you have cleared all the cob webs for me. Love this site!! Am getting ready to send my first kid to kindergarten this morning. UGH


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