Tuesday, September 22, 2009

fall is in the air, sort of


i promised i'd try to get some projects posted this week, and check this out... i'm actually doing it. yea me! not only have i posted them like i said i would, i got these up before downing even one cup of coffee. i'm quite sure that is worth something right there. lol.

these are some projects i made for lasting memories with my mind's eye, spider's web collection. lots-o-cute papers & goodies in the line. they've got the line available at lasting memories right now!






please forgive the crummy layout pictures... i was in a rush to get the projects down to the store, and shoulda taken a bit more time to snap the pictures. oh well! better luck next time! now off to take my sniffly nose & stuffy head off to a busy day of running around... but first i think i'll have that cup of coffee. :)




Tina said...

Very cute, love it all, Noel.

Sara Ancich said...

I went into Michael's on Saturday and got so in the mood to decorate for Halloween. I can't wait! Your pages are adorable.

Emily S said...

Beautiful job Noel!!!

CreativeChretin said...

I like how you added the black flowers to your last LO. Cute!

Barb said...

Oh wow, I LOVE these projects. Such great papers and embellishments, and your designs are simple yet so eye-catching. Great photos of your kids and family too... Halloween rocks!


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