Thursday, September 24, 2009

266 days in...

266/365. do you know what that means? that means we have only 99 days left until the end of the year. do you know what else it means? it means that i have done something consistently everyday for 266 days straight. i'm quite sure there are several people very close to me that thought that was not possible! lol. (as consistency and follow through are not my strongest characteristics.) so hip hip hurray! now if i can manage to get a load or two of laundry done, we'll be in good shape. :)

torrey got picked to be on the color guard for school this week. so she and 3 other classmates raise & lower the flag every morning and afternoon. the honor came home with a letter from the principal, a flag pin & a book on flag etiquette. she was so proud, she called daddy at work on monday to tell him. he announced it to his fellow navy shipmates, who called out a big "congrats!" to her on the phone. they've been practicing folding the flag this week at home together, too. pretty darn cute!

stan had the morning off today, so he even got a chance to come and see her raise the flag. see him there in the background of the pic above looking super proud? way to go torrey!

torrey on wednesday, helping to raise the flag in front of her school. she's worn her flag pin every day this week. she was so proud that she had a pin that was just like the kind daddy has on his uniforms. (of course, in a 9 year old's mind that means: it has a poky pin and those little frog thingies on the back.)

you know what the end of the chief induction season has meant at our house? family, family, family time! just those little moments of silly fun that make your life full to overflowing. like airplane rides at sunset in the backyard, which i'm sure you're never too old to outgrow.

monday was spent mostly just getting back to normal a bit. work for stan and i, school for the girls and some pictures of my sweet torrey.

sunday was church & family day. nothing like sunshine and good fellowship to fill the heart.

saturday was the khaki ball for all of the chiefs. they had a nice reception & slide show for all of the new chiefs. all in all, a very fun excuse to get dressed up and let loose. not to mention celebrating all of their hard work paying off in the end with a shiny set of anchors. we went with the other two fellas from stan's squadron that made it & their wives. their support and teamwork through the process was beyond amazing. thanks guys!

i had torrey snap a few pictures of stan and i before we left on saturday evening. she asked if she could have my camera when i was done with it. i'm thinkin' in a few years she might just step into it. :) better start thinking of what camera i want next... LOL!


Anonymous said...

Wow wot a fab piccie of you and Stan- well done Torrey. I read your blog all the time - first time I have commented though!! Love Sharon Peters

Scrappy Girl said...

You look so beautiful and Stan looks so handsome. Love the flying father/daughter pic...cute!

Val said...

What great pics, as usual!! :) You and your family are simply ADORABLE.

Anonymous said...

you look stunning noel. :)


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