Saturday, September 19, 2009

coming in from behind

wow-e-wow. has it been an ever crazy week. in a couple of hours stan & i are headed out to our first ever "khaki ball" (a dinner/dance for all of the chiefs). anyway,i'm going to try to catch up on my massively-behind blog in a hurry here! hopefully this makes sense in reverse, since i'm going to start from yesterday and go backwards.

starting from yesterday... stan went to work for the first time as a genuine chief petty officer in the navy! after being initiated, inducted and pinned! so i got a picture of him looking very sexy (can i say that about my husband on a family blog? i think so) in his new uniform. am i one lucky girl, or what?!

thursday, stan & i got to spend our first day together in quite awhile. it was nice for him not to be worried about what initiation stuff had to be done, or what he should be doing at that moment. the only way i could really describe it was like a huge-sigh-of-relief [insert sound here] type of day. we went on a hike together, talked and just had a darn good day relaxing together.

emma wrote stan a little note when she got home from school. thought it was pretty darn sweet.

tuesday night stan went in for his "hell night" of the chief induction process. we didn't see him again until wednesday night at the pinning ceremony. i can't really describe the flood of emotions that came seeing him for the first time march out on stage in his new khaki uniform... then getting to pin the anchors on his collar. we were so proud of him! the ceremony was so amazing. from the national anthem, to the pinning, to the side boys, to them singing anchors away... just magnificent! congratulations stan!!! we're so, so, so proud of you!

tuesday was picture day at school for the girls. so, of course, that means i also bring my camera and get pictures of the girls getting ready for picture day. yah, i'm pretty sure i have some sort of complex!

took some sister pictures of the girls in the front yard on monday. thought this one was cute of torrey giving emma a little pep talk.

nearly forgot to get a picture on sunday... so i took a quick on of some cool jars i ordered for stan's chief party next weekend.


friday & saturday were pictures of emma looking sweet, thoughtful, snuggly and cute all at the same time. how did i get so lucky?

thusday was another holy-moly-it's-11pm-and-i-haven't-taken-a-picture-of-the-day-yet sort of day. lol. so i grabbed this cute little frame i keep in my scrap room and got a quick picture of my very handsome hubby and i.

so that's the quick sum up of our week. crazy fun. i have a bunch of scrappy projects to post, too. hopefully i can get them up this next week. amidst all of the busyness of life, we wish a fabulous weekend to you & yours!


Mary said...

Sounds like you had a very busy week. Congrats to Stan on becoming a chief petty officer.

Emilie Ahern said...

Your photography always blows me away and inspires me to be better.

Luv2talk said...

Way to ROCK IT Stan!

Love LOVE LOVE all your pics...keep them coming. They don't really inspire me cuz I know I suck, but they are still pretty to look at! :)

Patti said...

^5 Stan!! WTG, but I have to be honest, behind every good man, there is an amazing woman... WTG Noel!! :) Congrats to both of you!

Amazing photos girl, thanks for sharing.:)

Eileen said...

Even in sun glasses, he's gorgeous. Oy!


Carm Hernandez said...

I love your photos. I don't know if you have answered this question in the past, since I just started following your blog recently... where did you learn to take such great pictures? Any advice for a beginner? I own a Canon Rebel XT, so I know it isn't the camera's fault. Also where did you learn to edit the photos? Please feel free to e-mail me Thank you

Chrispea said...

Great projects! Yeah, I'm having a lot of those, OMGosh it's 11pm and no photo days. Oh well.


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