Thursday, August 27, 2009

goal setting & sore muscles

so i've been doing a little goal setting this week, and surprisingly have kept quite well with them. i'm not usually one who can easily make myself do things i'm not particularly interested in doing. i suppose that's not entirely true in all areas, but in the category of exercising for exercise sake... well it's beyond true. having lost 41 pounds a couple of years ago with weight watchers, you'd think i would have figured out how to stay on the ball. well let me assure you, i haven't. i've put on a few pounds, which at the whopping height of 5'1", that means i've added a clothes size, too. darn it.

anyway, to make a long story longer, i've been buckling down on tracking my points and trying to get some good exercise in everyday. the food is definitely an easier area of control for me. but i have done quite well on my exercising feat this week, too. maybe this procrastinator has learned her lesson yet! (i wouldn't place money on that assumption, though, if i were you...)

so far this week i've put some serious exercising in each day. i went running (which i haven't done in years). and today the girls and i kicked out our longest bike ride yet, 34 miles! i've also been doing push ups, sit ups & jumping jacks each day (yah, my big encourager is a military man). so i've got some goals, and at least four days of follow through to tuck in my hands, and carry all the way back to my lesser sized jeans.

yesterday my friend, tamsen, met earlier in the day at the dentist office while waiting for appointments. while there we were inspired by a family fun magazine article. so she stopped by later with some felt sheets & we crafted with the kiddies. i'll have to get them lined up and take a picture of 'em tomorrow.

and to finish it all off... just thought this was pretty dang funny. emma decided to cool off after our big bike ride today. however, torrey had control of the hose... so this is what happens when your big sister gets a chance to send a little love (and water) your way to cool you off. :)

if you're interested, my tsr article on american crafts blue skies line went live yesterday. you can check it out here.

*side note: the funky picture at the top is me taking a picture into and through my living room window from my deck. kind of a funky mix of reflections & looking inward. kind of like my week. :)

happy thursday!


Anonymous said...

good for you noel. you always seemed so disciplined by the way you always are doing sooo much stuff!
i once saw a layout about your wieght loss, maybe a year ago or more. i'd love to see it was very inspiring to a wieght watcher kind of way.
do you know where i could find that layout again? if it's not to much trouble :)
also, you go girl with the exercise!!! i find that part easier, but the food part MUCH harder!
thanks noel!

Anonymous said...

i forgot to mention... LOVE the pic of you!!!

Tracy said...

Noel -

Love the pics (as usual) and that one of you is fabulous, I might just have to play with that idea myself.

Good luck on your goals and journey. I am a fellow WW member (just on a different coast) and was re-inspired awhile back when I read that you were a WW too. I too have fell a bit by the wayside this summer, so I am back to tracking and hope to be down..well, a few more jeans sizes than you are looking at (LOL).

Ashlee said...

Good Luck with WW. I know you can do it! :) I'm a long time lurker and thought I would FINALLY say Hi! :)

PS. I love the flower in your hair! Where is it from??

noel joy said...

thanks ashlee! the flower is from forever 21. :)

FamilyFunBunch said...

Wow, you are always such in only in the scrapbooking world, but also with the WW. Have you ever posted a before and after photo? You are so fun and cute...and I know without a doubt you will meet any goal you set. Thanks for always sharing and inspiring us!

Marfa said...

Yes, I agree...that's an awesome self portrait...we love XXI too. So many pretty flowery headbands there, just $2.50 each!

Amy said...

Thanks (once again!) for the much needed inspiration Noel! I hit my WW goal last year and have seen a few pounds sneak back on this summer. Ugh!!! It is a daily struggle for me... I really need to start the points tracking again. Also wanted to let you know that your pumpkin muffins are a regular staple in our home! Matter of fact, I think I am off to make some now! Let us know if you have any more WW recipes to share. Take Care! Amy :)

Val said...

Oh, I am sooo with you sister on the struggle! I know what needs to be done to lose the weight, it's just so hard to DO IT. Thanks for keepin' it real!

I love pumpkin...would you mind sharing the pumpkin muffin recipe Amy mentioned...I think you've twittered/posted about them before??

Heading to Gig Harbor and Olympic Nat'l Park in a couple of weeks to visit my sis - sooo excited!!


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