Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ready for a challenge?

sheesh, everyday seems to be filled with more and more busyness! monday i worked at weight watchers then the girls and i headed in to get a round of haircuts. each of them chose to have about 5 inches taken off. i was glad that they decided to keep it long enough to still have some hairdo options. :) now they're all ready for school to start in a few weeks. not that i can believe it's already time to start thinking about back to school! i must be getting older because time sure is traveling faster than i can keep up with.

today we went to a meeting at the chief's club about the chief's initiation that stan's going through. all of the selectee wives were there... they talked a little about the process, but mostly just told us it would be good when they were done. lol. i did get to visit with my friend cheree and her sweet baby boy aaden before the luncheon. funny how you can be separated by only an hour's drive and hardly get to see someone!

the girls and i spent the rest of the day doing some running around picking up stuff stan needed for his initiation process. we're trying to pick up any of the slack that we can and make his life just a little easier for the next several weeks. (not that we're doing a bunch of laundry or anything... i mean, i have a reputation to uphold!)

now for the challenge! (thanks for all of the ideas, by the way. i'm trying to figure out how to incorporate them all over the next few months!) come up with a layout or mini album that summarizes summer for you... the end of summer, your whole summer, a slice of summer, family summer memories, summer's past, summer, summer, summer! email me or link your projects up before wednesday, august 19th. *let me know if it's ok to post your project on my blog, as well. i'm putting together a fun pack of goodies to send to one lucky winner! keep summer alive for a few more weeks & share some inspiration.

xoxo. noel


Mary Lou said...

I think I'd really like to do this and hope I can with my limited supplies at home. First summer as a retiree and we were busy busy busy! Thanks for the challenge, Noel!

Chrispea said...

I hear ya! Busy here, too. Love the haircuts, made it look fuller. Thanks for the challenge!!!

AngMomof3 said...

Noel! Great challenge!!!

Nothing says summer in our household more than picnics. We start them as early in summer as possible and keep dining al fresco until it's too cold to be outdoors.

I've recently done a few picnic themed layouts, and this is my favorite I'd like to submit for your challenge:

Sam said...

This will be fun --- here, in the NW, we were blessed with an awesome summer. Now to scrap it.


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