Friday, August 14, 2009

my crazy busy life of bliss

my crazy busy life of bliss


man, i haven't managed to keep up on my blog daily since before vacation. maybe it has something to do with the somewhat insane schedule we've been keeping.... maybe it's because i'm not that talented in the whole time management field... whatever it is, it's been filled with loads of lasting memories held in a flurry of passing moments. wednesday, i headed out to warm beach camp to take some pictures of their youth camp activities for them. it was an extra special day since i got to see my niece & nephew at their first trip to over-night camp. they were pretty excited to get to see someone from "home". madison showed the girls her cabin & bunk mates while i took some pictures. we spent the rest of the day running around picking up stuff our chief-man needed to save him a little time.


thursday i got to visit with my dear friend, lorna, who brought some of her homemade shortbread. (all through my teens & twenties lorna's sweet little scottish dad made me shortbread every year for my birthday.) anyway, it was great fun to visit with her for the first time in years! thank you facebook. :)

after the downing of shortbread, the girls & i headed out to the base for the big uniform fitting they have for all of the new chiefs. stan already had been fitted, but it was fun for them to get to have a taste of the new uniforms in the midst of the induction process. **chief = E7 in the navy. i don't really know that much about the process. but i guess i can best describe it as a boot camp like experience steeped in tradition & training that lasts 6 weeks culminating in a moving pinning ceremony.**


today i visited with a friend who was over from eastern washington for a quick visit. we took the kids to a local children's museum & spent some mommy time visiting. i, shockingly, forgot to bring my camera this morning. shame on me! so i took some pictures of torrey, the hula hooping champion, in the front yard. she beat me in 3 out of 4 hula hooping challenges... but i was happy to take one! darn it in the end, i liked this picture more than any of the hula hoopin' shots. such a sweet face, how could i resist?

thanks to all who have sent me links & emails of your challenge pages. i've gotten them all (even if i haven't sent you a reply yet... i'm sorry about that!) can't wait to see the pages & projects! you still have a couple of days (monday) to get your summer layouts in, and be entered to win the prize!


AngMomof3 said...

Crazy busy.

Any chance you're freaked out like me that we're crazy busy now before school has even started and it's supposed to be the lazy days of summer???

Jamie said...

lorna... like lorna and dave? I loved her sweet scottish dad and mom. She is my friend too. Ok, I should stop now in case its a different Lorna..... ugh

noel joy said...

yes! that lorna! :) she's fabulous.

The Grounds Family said...

Noel! You're local!!! Were you featured on Evening Mag a few years back as a finalist for HOF? It's coming back to me. Glad I found your blog through Ella Friends! Love your photographs.



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