Sunday, August 9, 2009

keeping busy

holy moly! the last month just flew by. i'm not exactly sure where it all ended up, but man-o-man... august is here and in full swing. while writing a crazy goofy permission slip for my husband to go through his chief's initiation process i decided to design a new blog header. about time? yah, i think so!

i've been meaning to tell you about a fun new company i have the unique blessing of working with. ella publishing! ella publishing will publish scrappy related ebooks & a monthly ezine. sign up now for their newsletter here and become a fan on facebook here, and you'll be the first to know when new books are published for instant download! i'll make sure to keep you posted on upcoming books & info as it becomes available too! check out this great article emilie wrote on tsr about ella! :)

so for our last few days... the in laws were in town all of last week. with stan super busy with his chief's initiation, i was the lone ranger entertainer. of course, the girls did their part to entertain by filling grandpappy's hair & beard with rubber bands and bows. on thursday we had a picnic and hiked at the state park. it was a perfectly wonderful sunny and 75 degree washington summer day. stan even got off in time to have a late dinner with all of us before they took off toward home.

friday we slept in and did our first real grocery shopping in a month! we visited with our favorite baggers at the commissary who have doted on the girls since they were babies. i'm a sucker for enjoying the people attached with a place. guess it just makes everywhere a special place to me. call me crazy 'cause i'm a little silly that way. anyway, after unloading the chunk of our paycheck manifested in food, i was beat. the girls played outside for a little bit, and i snapped a quick picture of the day. wanna know a little secret about this picture? while emma's looking all gussied up on the top half of this picture... she's wearing blue & pink polka dot too-small pajama pants on the bottom. that's my girl!

torrey decided that she wanted to start earning money by doing some regular chores... so we talked about what she'd like to save toward. she decided she'd like to work toward earning enough money to get a laptop. (mommy's girl!) we talked about the regulations that would come with a "grown up" purchase like that. we made a list of some regular chores to do, as well as some extra jobs to help earn more on the side. so far we've made it a whole week with the regular chores getting done. suh-weet! now i've gotta pay up.

ahhh sunday! family day at last. stan had a mostly free day from all of the initiation stuff. so we enjoyed a family day... church, lunch and a bike ride together. it was heavenly. we did a short 8 mile ride around anacortes before heading to pick up some "chief stuff" for stan. there's nothing quite like those fabulous family moments in the middle of a haze of a crazy busy time. thank God for sundays!

**side note** i'm in need of a scrappy challenge & would love it if anyone else would like to play along. i'm sure i could come up with a few prizes to boot. anyone have a fabulous idea they'd like to share??


Erica Hettwer said...

I don't know if this is what you had in mind but last night in the tub I was reading an old CK. I decided to do a layout for each month in 2008 and use Becky Higgen's sketches from that month to make my layout. Her sketches always have a lot of photos so I figured it would work well for what I wanted to do. :)

Sam said...

I"m ALWAYS up for a scrappy challenge --- whatever you come up with, I'm in! (I don't need the prizes, just love the challenge and seeing other examples off the same idea.)

Teri said...

How about since you daughter is starting to do chores now, how about scrapping a chore chart. I've been trying to come up with an idea for one for my daughter and son and just can't seem to come up with an idea I like. I would love to see what other people come up with. Thanks, Teri

Julie said...

hi noel,
sorry but i went to Gymboree w/o you today. i almost called you, but remembered i haven't showered in awhile (still waiting on the septic man), so you'd probably rather not be around me. Oh man did I ever get carried away. I was a bad bad girl, but Jayden is going to be the cutest girl in town (along with Torrey and Emma of course!). Now I just need to figure out all your hairstyles! By the way Congrats to Stan! Sounds like a big deal, so good for him! oh and i like your new blog header. very cute!

C Trimble said...

How about a mini album "Last Days of Summer", or "DOg Days of Summer"?
Or maybe get a little album done for the first week of school and document that whole first week. We could get it done ahead of time and just add the pictures.


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