Sunday, June 7, 2009

something old into something new

i'm all about finding a new purpose for something old. so when we replaced the 80's style plate glass dining room light fixture, i knew we could remake it into something much more fun. we decided to make a chandelier for torrey's "grown up room". so stan took the whole thing apart, and after removing the plate glass & odd cone thing from the bottom, it actually looked pretty cute. now i'm wishing i had a before, before picture of this light.

anyway, we went to michael's to picked up some beads and spray paint. after they sat in the garage for a month or so, we finally got around to making it happen. i strung beads while stan spray painted. i did however, miscalculate my total number of beads needed, so i'll be making one more trip to michael's before it's finished. (i was 4 short on one kind and 6 short on another!) pretty close for a guesstimate, though. :) i love it when a plan comes together!

awhile ago i brought my pin cushions upstairs for a project, and well, since i don't always put things away like i should... they're still upstairs. so today i walked by the counter to find them rearranged (by emma) to this cute little tomato man. i really don't think i could take a pin out of him now. he's too dang cute! i should not put things away more often. lol.

yesterday we were kid central. we invited one of emma's school friends and the cousins over to play. they ran around having a blast & made up dance routines with their chinese jump ropes. how great is it to grow up so close to your cousins. now, i'm definitely not a video professional, and this was shot on my little flip video (which i love!)... but i thought it was so darn funny. they made this little routine up and asked if i'd record it. so here it is guys! :)

oh! and one more side note for today. our family went and saw the new disney/pixar movie UP today. we don't go to the theater often, but this was seriously the best movie i've seen in a long time. the story & life lessons were wonderful. very family friendly, funny, cute, sweet, and even a little sad. i would totally go see it in the theater again! stan and the girls loved it too. just thought i'd share. :)


Sara Ancich said...

Love the routine. We saw "Up" on Saturday night too. Not a dry eye in the pace. Standing ovation by all at the end. Amazing.

joscelyne cutchens said...

I've been wanting to go see up, I guess I will just put it at the top of the list.
Love the light project, and LOOOOVE that tomato man. so cute! I'm off to watch the video now!

Abby said...

Thanks for the review on "Up." We've been wanting to go see it! I love the preview with the big bird that mocks the old man! Too cute!

Angie... by the said...

Great video Noel! Too cute, and so glad to see a little boy jump rope. My ds loves it, and I've taught him all those funny old songs from when I was little. :) Thanks for the movie review, too!

Val said...

We usually wait for the movies to go to DVD, but we took our kiddo to see UP last week too. What a GREAT family flick!!!

The chinese jump rope brings back some crazy childhood memories (in 'em, out 'em, on 'em, side-by-side 'em, on 'em, in 'em out 'em)...weird how I can remember THAT, but can't remember where I put my dang keys!!


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