Saturday, June 6, 2009

the last days

the last days

the last weeks of school are always filled with a flurry of activities. friday was the 3rd grade field trip to the zoo. i love that each grade has one special field trip that they get to look forward to through the years. we spent most of the day with the first family we were lucky enough to meet at the school. i met her at weight watchers just before school started. for torrey it was a huge relief meeting someone at her new school before it started. and man, we've been so thankful for their friendliness, and heart this year. the girls had a great time checking out the animals, especially the snakes and nocturnal exhibits. i even snuck in a few pictures (never mind the root beer hard candy torrey's packin' in her bottom lip here. lol)

gorillas, penguines and giraffes... oh my!

then after school... the annual school carnival complete with dunk tank, bouncy houses and carnival games. we ran around all evening watching the girls flit from one bunch of fun to another. torrey got to dunk her teacher (who was such a great sport)! they both came home with bags of goodies and memories to last a lifetime.


thursday stan and i did some more work on our fountain. (by more work, i mean, a lot more work! we redid the whole thing!) he did most of the work getting it taken apart (i.e. moving big rocks) and cementing the bottom. then i came and helped move the rocks back in, and arranging them so they'd cascade the water down. if you want a sure fire way to find out if you're aging... moving lots of big rocks is an excellent indicator. with all of that rockin' fun, we ordered a pizza for dinner, and ate it outside in the fabulous sunshine.

to balance out all of that work... well, a little bit-o-fun. i mean, what else should you do after you clear a bunch of rocks off your tarps, but load them with dish soap and water and turn them into slip-n-slides?! now that's good, clean fun. we're trying to figure out a better sliding surface for turning our "double black diamond" sledding hill into a slip-n-slide hill. anybody have great ideas for making a super long slip-n-slide?


joscelyne cutchens said...

Surely some painter's plastic drop cloth, duct tape. A soaker hose and a kiddie pool could make a good time

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

ahhhhhh.......i am LOVING your blog...all the gorgeous photos (seriously gorgeous) and lovely scrapping and oh how I want to go camping!!!!

Jeanne said...

What a great post! Your kids are truly going to have some fantastic memories of their childhood.

Sorry, I'm no help with constructing a slip 'n slide, other than to say that they now make double ones with boogie boards. A friend got one yesterday at a birthday party that had an inflatable slide at one end and a sort of pool at the other. It looked like a ton of fun. As creative as you are, I'm sure you'll make something fantastic!

Sara Ancich said...

Sure looks like you guys have gotten some good summer practice in. Good times.

Dana Wilfert said...

That black roll plastic at lowes (the kind used to cover garden before gravel, shiny mil plastic not fabric) works great. About 3-4 feet wide, and as long as you want :) Just add water...


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