Saturday, June 20, 2009

cutie, funny & pouty

cutie, funny & pouty

the super sweet jennifer evans, the brains behind create well - create often, also has a darling etsy shop with lots of cool handmade scrapping embellies. she sent me a fabulous package of goodies as a thank you for the being a guest designer for her site. how sweet is that? being the fabulous lady she is, she even threw in a couple of these cute little handmade headbands for the girls! thank you, thank you, thank you jennifer!!!

because i'm me, i think life is best filled with lots of laughter. and i'm pretty darn lucky to be married to one funny guy, who can take a joke. we made some hello kitty waffles for breakfast this morning, and the whip cream just happened to be handy... so i gave the girls and stan little whip cream smiley faces. it's definitely not the best picture, but it reminded me of the daily fun we have in our life... just one of the many, many things i'm thankful for. i'm one lucky ducky!

little princess pouty face made picture of the day with this one. it just kind of sums my baby girl up. she's got such a soft heart that breaks so easily. reminds me a lot of me as a kid. sometimes it's a little maddening, but not something i'd ever want to change about her. she can go from happy to sad in 2 seconds flat, but she can make the trip almost as fast. gotta love how God made each one of us each so US! :)


Jen said...

OK... those headbands were made for your girls! The two of them have been sitting in my studio wondering when they were going to have a home. And... look! It looks so sweet on your beauties! Thanks for letting me share and for the sweet comments! ;)

Jackie said...

should have made some eyebrows on mr happy face too :)

Stan said...

Don't encourage her mom! There are places that whipped cream simply shouldn't be!


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