Sunday, June 21, 2009

fatherly light

fatherly light

boy oh boy are my girlies (and me) lucky to have such a great daddy! they worked really hard toward the end of school to make him a couple of projects in their classes, and i helped them make him a t-shirt they thought up. they'd planned it a little more colorful, but due to budget cuts, they had to pick only one color of fabric paint. :)

so they picked out the saying, and i helped iron it on for them.

and they hand-printed the back & signed their names. (they even posed him for this picture!) i thought it was pretty dang cute. they were so sweet giving it to him this morning when they got up. and being the wonderful daddy he is, he wore it to church this morning, too. he was pretty proud to be sporting their handiwork. :)

then there was this piece of work... i think i mentioned awhile back that we had converted our old dining room light fixture into a chandelier for torrey's room. well, i finally finished stringing the last of the beads onto it last night. i didn't have a "before" picture, so i had to go searching for this one online. but this was it...

stan took it all apart, removed the glass & trumpet style lower light, spray painted it, and reassembled it. i picked out some beads with torrey from michaels, strung them and hung them on the freshly drilled holes. then stan hung it up today in torrey's room. i think it turned out really cool! and not too shabby for just the price of a few strings of beads!

anyway, this was the finished project. torrey was super happy with it. i'm thinking now that we'll have to install a dimmer switch because you could land a plane in her room. :)

oh and an update on the new bikes. we went out and got some of those padded bike shorts. (if you've ridden on a bike very far, you'll know why!) we took the kids out riding again today on this very nice local trail and they went 20 miles! it was such a fun day. we went with another family and just had a great time zipping down the trail. i'm loving this new family hobby.


Anonymous said...

What a cute shirt.

Great before/after of the chandelier.

Northern VA

Emily S said...

Wow those are some GREAT projects! I'm normally not a huge fan of chandeliers but what you did is so cute and trendy!!! I love it! Great job!!

Sara Ancich said...

Her room looks adorable! I would love to see more. Cute color scheme.

jodie said...

Torrey's room looks like it's so cool! Awesome idea for the light fixture...I would have never thought to re-do it like that! You rock!

Anonymous said...

the chandelier looks amazing! you guys did such a great job!!!! what an inpiration. you should definately show pics to micheals...:)
also, what product did you use for the front of stans shirt? such a good idea.
thanks for sharing with us noel!!!
oh, and would love to see some pics of those padded shorts. ;)
thats why i run instead of bike. :)

Stacey said...

What a fabulous chandelier! Wow what a make over!!!! Love those Daisy Gymboree Dresses too. I just picked up one for my little girl the other day! They did a great job on his shirt.

Julie said...

ah-hem... i don't see your paper tie stan? is it possible that you "forgot" to wear it on sunday?!! SO disappointing... just don't know about you anymore!!!

Jen said...

Oh my! I love the light fixture! I am not allowed to touch anymore light fixtures in my house. Electrical and Jen just don't mix. Been there - can't go there again... But if I had someone to install it for me I would copy your design perfectly!


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