Saturday, June 20, 2009

family night & some cards

after helping some fellow moms do some setting up for a local soap box derby event tomorrow, we decided to grab pizza and head to family night at the local sports club. the girls played like crazy on the bouncy house, the kidz circuit training, racquetball & the pool. i even tried out that gravity thingy that spins you upside down. i've never been on one of those, but MAN! that was fun! i wish i had one of those babies at our house. the girls were too enamoured with the whole thing to snap a picture, so this was my only memory of it... this and my nice tight ab muscles. lol.

and while i was at the posting, i thought i'd post a few of these cards i made the other day from an lss kit i picked up. :)

**oh! and i had an article on DSLR camera post at tsr {the scrap review} the other day if you're interested. **


Scrappy Girl said...

Those cards are all gorgeous! Congrats on the bravery...I am not sure I would have tried it!

Candace said...

Love the camera review! I recently bought a dslr and I LOVE IT! I still don't know much about it though. I learn something everytime I use it! I wished I had time to surf online for tips but its so time consuming. Have a great day!

Erica Hettwer said...

Cute cards! :D


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