Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sock dance madness

gotta love frantic mornings. admittedly, i am a last minute sort of girl. i press the snooze button way too many times, i doddle, get distracted easily, and often run late. i do, however, get the girls off to school in time. though i'm not always finished getting myself presentable until after they're out the door. today was no exception. but because i love my daughter & her teacher THAT much, i ran down to the school first thing this morning, before shower or make up, when i got the call to get a picture of emma's class doing their sock dance. (they *get* to dance around with socks when they get perfect attendance 17 times. consequently, there are also 17 letters in "perfect attendance". seeing the connection? clever, huh. lol) it's pretty darn fun to watch.

anyway, here it is... the finale to the sock dance story, and my creativity for the day. i'm dozing off here at the computer, so i'm thinking i should drag myself off to bed. lots of work to get done tomorrow! scrappy and volunteer. better get to bed so i can press the snooze 15 times in the morning. hee hee. so i'll wrap it up with a picture of the rain falling on my deck this afternoon. now, sleep.


Tina said...

Love that raindrop picture, Noel!!

Michelle said...

Wonderful shot of the rain falling!!!

Anonymous said...

you crazy woman. good for you to get out there like that! :)
and the rain pic....LOVE it!

Mindy said...

I absolutely love your rain shot! Also, how would I go about creating a photo watermark like the one you use??? So, so cute! (I am photoshop illiterate!)

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