Monday, May 18, 2009

getting caught

they have this program at school from time to time called "get caught reading". if that was at our house, i think torrey would be in the big house for reading by now. :) she's our shamelessly content bookworm. just one of those kids who devours books constantly. i remember thinking when she was reading novels in kindergarten, that i was some kind of mom to get those results... then reality spends a little time with you and you realize, maybe it's got way more to do with her personality, smarts and insides than me. lol. especially when sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get emma to sit down and read without 150 major distractions to the process (yah, she's her mama's girl). anyway, i love that she loves to read!

once she noticed me snapping pictures, she picked up a movie case, dropped the glasses down and busted out the silly face. i love my kids!!!

1 comment:

joscelyne cutchens said...

so sweet! :) Jalen loves reading too. I am always telling him not to bring his books to the table (while we're eating!)


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