Thursday, May 14, 2009

parenthood & outer space

so i had one of those bad mom moments today. the school called saying emma was complaining of an ear ache. now she's had stuffy/runny nose, but nothing crazy. no fever, aches or anything. well i brought the cold meds to school, and she was sporting her best drama face. i decided to take her home even though i didn't think she was really that bad off. (i was even laughing with the school nurse about it on the way out!) well, in the car on the way home she threw up. um, guess i was wrong. i called my pediatric nurse friend to see if she thought we should come in. she said we should, so i did. would you believe the poor little sweetie had a major double ear infection! glad i pulled her out of school. sheesh! her equilibrium was way off, so she was getting dizzy & sick.

anyway, i picked her up her very own box of klenex with her prescription, and we snuggled down and watched the sound of music. i ran upstairs for a minute, and when i came down she found these little crown magnet holder things i picked up at hoity toity the other day, and set them up as klenex holders. lol. even when she's sick - she's creative! :)

as for the rest of these, i'll have to fill in the blanks for the explanation tomorrow. i'm sitting here trying to type really quietly since my poor hubby has to get up at 2am to fly tomorrow... so i'll finish the rest up later! :)

**ok, now it's morning and stan's off on his flight, and i don't have to try and type quietly next to him in bed. lol. i suppose i could have got up and moved my laptop somewhere else, but who wants to move after you're all warm and snuggly? :)

so this set of pictures were from the space program that emma's class did on wednesday night. they've been learning all about space and the planets. they sang songs, recited facts about the different planets, read about their imaginary planets they made, and their wishes. it was wonderfully cute & hilarious. what were emma's wishes, you say? "all of the spaghetti in the world, a d.s. and a car." i could maybe put a dent in the first one anyway...

one of the coolest things about their space unit was the "space bubble" emma's teacher had set up in their classroom. how cool is it to have a giant bubble with stars & planets with glow in the dark that the whole class can fit inside of... and is powered solely by a box fan? have i mentioned how cool her teacher is??

i'd been in the space bubble a couple of times over the past few weeks on my volunteer days... but this was stan & torrey's first chance to climb inside the coolness. with several other families we poured into the bubble, and she turned off the lights.

this is the best i could do for a picture of what the inside of the bubble looked like in the dark. so so cool. totally made me want to construct one out of tarps and duct tape. :)


Jeanne said...

Ahhhh, poor thing. I hope the antibiotics kick in quickly and she feels much better soon. We all have those moments where we seem like we don't "care," but in the grand scheme of things, your kids KNOW you love them a LOT!

Cool tissue holders!

Sara Ancich said...

I posted my own "Mother of the Year" story yesterday too...We are not experts. Aren't you glad you at least picked her up, and didn't get the call that she had thrown up at school? You get a few points for that for sure. The Sound of Music redeems everything.

Veronica said...

Yes, unfortunately, ear infections can pop up quickly and unexpectedly! Hope she's better!
That is a COOL bubble! How fun!

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

crazy about those crowns...what a clever little bunny you have!!


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