Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the great fish release

i had to get a picture of this baby today. i saw this cool 'do here this last night, and decided to give it a shot today. it turned out very cool, but took a lot longer than i thought it would. usually the girls' hair only takes me about 5-10 minutes a piece, but this baby took something like 45 minutes just for emma. which left me no time to duplicate it on torrey, although i think i could have done it a bit faster the second time. so torrey got a modified double braid of the same thing which was a little more "grown up'ish" as she said.

it looked so cool i really wanted a picture of it. but since we were almost late to school, i was getting pictures while urging emma to get her shoes & socks on faster so we could zip to the school before they were late! lol. so so the story of our life!

this evening we headed to petco to pick up some more goldfish. we picked up 15 last week for our backyard pond. we thought 15 would be a good number... until we got them in there and realized that was like dropping 15 pennies in your living room. they're there, but they don't fill it up. that and those little buggers can hide like no body's business! they burrow in the mud at the bottom of the pond. so we thought picking up some buddies may coax them out a bit... or at least let us get a few more glimpses of life in the pond.

so we picked out 100'ish fishies to come home with us. gotta love 13 cent fish! the petco lady who helped us was so stinkin' funny, and totally reminded me of donna downey. who is also a total crack up. sorry donna, you're totally the petco girl to me now. :)

then came the great release, and boy am i glad we went for the big numbers. because i think we lost something like 30 of those ones between the pet store and the pond/release. poor little guys. there's a mass grave on the side of the pond for them right now. hopefully it doesn't discourage the ones left behind. either way, it was a great way to spend $13. :)


Tina said...

What fun, Noel. Looks like they had a great time with that. I love the girls' hairdos; very cute!!!


Sara Ancich said...

The hair do's are to die for. We had a fish funeral last week too... But for just one little guy...R.I.P Hot Rod!

luv2talk said...

Yea, the "do" is awesome!

As for the fish, I know you're not worried about the 3 bucks, but I think most places will refund your money if they don't even MAKE IT HOME! LOL

Loved YOUR "do" for Mother's Day. Way to mix it up, sista! And, OMG, LOVED the oversized tissue paper hats. That's the stuff life is made of. You ROCK'd IT!

Miss ya!


JzScrapRN said...

Luv the hair- very artistic....how many talents do you have Noel....luv reading thru your blog...thanks for sharing your many talents. Judy

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

you are so amazing with the braids...wow!!!
i suck big time at doing hair (my own and addies) i can barely manage one little side braid....can i come for lessons :)


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