Sunday, May 17, 2009

around the world & at home

it's already the middle of may, and we're hitting our six month window for our next (sixth) deployment. it's still a long way off, but now starts some of the talks about the this and that's of getting ready. so with that in mind friday, i figured i'd take a picture of the map in our entryway. it's a fun project that stan and i worked on together a couple of years ago. we cut the backing, glued on cork board, mounted the map and made a custom frame together. there are pins in the map for every place he's been with the navy, and a different color for each deployment. it's amazing to look at the world and all of the places he's been. makes me thankful for what he and all of the other service members do for our country everyday.

it was an amazingly sunshiny day today, and stan & i went and picked up the rest of the supplies we needed to finish making a fountain in our front yard. i was surprised how easy it was! a lot had already been done by the previous owner, but in less than an hour we had a beautiful fountain. it sounds so pretty. and it looks pretty darn nice too.

and on a side note, i have another article up at the scrap review today on studio calico's kit club. this is one of the projects, you can check out the others there.

hope you're having a fabulous weekend!


Momma Martin said...

Hi Noel:
The map idea is fabulous! I'm an Army wife and my husband and I are facing our 2nd deployment but this time, we have 2 little girls. I'm completely terrified but know that I can handle things. The map will be a great visual for us (me). Thanks for the idea.

okanogangirl said...

Thank you Stan (and family- it's a sacrifice for everyone) for your service, that I & my family may have our freedom!

Love the map idea and it's amazing looking at the pictures on that LO - how your girls have grown! Beautiful LO

Tina said...

I love the fountain, Noel. Enjoy the sunshine, today!!

Michele Brooks said...

Your fountain looks lovely! As for the deployment window, hard to believe it's that time again! Wonderful page! Enjoy your Sunday!

luv2talk said...

I remember that pic of them in the how time flies!

noel joy said...

i know it leslie. isn't that crazy. we need to chat sometime... i miss you!

noel joy said...

momma martin. man, that is really tough. i'm here if you ever need anything. we did the map as a visual for our girls, too. whenever stan calls us with a new place he goes, they put a pin in the map. i think i ordered my map online from national geographic.

Linda E said...

I hope you savor every moment between now and the deployment. Your sacrifice and courage are very much appreciated. On another note, I just love your layout. I love pairing pictures from different time periods on the same page.

domestic goddess said...

loved having with you with us at Pencil Line
Anna x


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