Thursday, May 21, 2009

kids are cool

i'll have to show the girls the blog title tomorrow morning. maybe it'll make up for their disappointment in there being a mother's day and father's day, but no children's day. i told them pretty much every other day is children's day, but i don't think they believed me. lol. funny girls.

aside from that, there was a volunteer appreciation tea at the school today. the some of the kids did a little choir concert for the parent helpers, then served us some little treats. very cute! torrey's a student ambassador, so she was helping out. pretty darn cute.

i love the sound of little ones singing! they have the sweetest little voices. i could listen to it all day long!

after school we headed back to the orthodontist for torrey's x-rays, pictures and spacers. i love all of the staff in the office. when i was paying today's bill on the way out, we were joking about how all they did was put rubberbands in and take pictures... and i said,"man, i put rubberbands on them, and take pictures everyday... i really should get paid too!" we all got a good laugh. i told the girls they owed me $300 bucks, but they just laughed at me. oh well. maybe next time!

smile big! and i mean REALLY big.


Amy L said...

adorable photos Noel, and just love your post, so fun!

Veronica said...

Actually, there IS a "Children's Day!" Yep. June. The first Sunday. I know this because 1. lots of useless info in my head and 2. My birthday is the 8th and it has fallen on it! It actually pre-dates Mother's & Father's day!! So, now you can celebrate with the girls!! They can Thank Me later. LOL
Have a GREAT weekend! ;-)

Liana said...

I was about to say the same thing as Veronica, but she beat me too it! Although, I thought that International Children's Day fell only on June 1st...

torrey said...

mom why did you put that pic on the blog ?;(

Michelle said...

Please tell Torrey don't feel so bad!! I remember those days.. wasn't all that long ago, we were doing that with our daughter! She will be 21 soon (who fast time flies!), and has the best smile! Tell her to hang in there, when it is all done, she will love the way it turned out!


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