Monday, May 25, 2009

happy memorial day


to those who have served, to those who have given their lives, to those who have loved those that gave all... thank you. thank you for being one that gave up your freedom so we could enjoy that very freedom here at home. thank you.

wow, it's been a crazy weekend. charity tea, baby shower, yard work, camping and some remembrance of fallen heros. it was go, go, go. funny how those busy weekends lead into busy weeks. guess it's just that time of year, or maybe it's just this time of life. lol.

but i did get a chance to make a diaper cake for a shower this weekend. and i think the mommy really enjoyed it, so that made me happy. i'm glad i was too busy to notice that the whole thing is a little cockeyed and leaning to the left. oops. guess that's what you get when you use a chopstick to support the top layer. :)

the rest of our veggies were planted in the garden this weekend. and while working on pulling back some ivy stan stumbled upon a duck nest. the mama's been hanging out in the pond a lot lately, so we weren't really surprised. but we were quite excited at the prospect of baby duckies in a few weeks. now we're just trying to figure out if she's eating our goldfish or not. the girls and i fed her some bread the other day. she keeps her distance from us, but comes back to the pond after we're gone. so this was as good as i could get on a close up shot of mama duck.

emma *mastered* a new jump roping skill this last week. she can now crisscross the rope in front of her while jumping. and hey! i thought that was pretty sweet. way to go sis! but since my computer is only feeling like uploading this jump rope picture... you get the non-crisscross jumping picture. :)


Sara Ancich said...

Your yard looks quite extensive. So fun for your girls. And diaper cake...what a cute gift...iwould hate to actually use it after all that hard work.

Anonymous said...

The mom duck looks so tiny in the picture.

Glad to know that jumping rope is still alive and well, lol we use to do a lot of jump rope when I was a kid many moons ago!

I really like your fallen heroes picture. I went to Arlington Natl Cemetery over the weekend to pay respect and also because I wanted to see the flags. They only put the flags out once a year for four days, taken down before sunrise today (actually no sun today rainy day). Also went to see Rolling Thunder coming into Pentagon for their annual parade in support of vets mia. Very moving experience, the news said this year that there were half million motorcycles participating. They start rolling into the area on Friday and love to listen to the sound of the bikes in the distance from where I live going up and down one of the main drags to DC.

Northern VA

noel joy said...

marilyn. i'd love to see that someday. i love the sounds of freedom in all of their forms!

Jackie said...

Love the cake picture...made me think of some of the good pics on cake they are lopsided on purpose...that is what you meant to do right??? :)
Way to go Emma with that jump rope....ya gotta show me in person soon...learn to weed well sweetie...I got plenty of work for you :)


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