Sunday, May 17, 2009

backyard babe

lucky me! a couple of weeks ago the fabulous ladies at pencil lines (the amazing international scrapbook sketch/challenge blog) asked if i'd be their guest designer this week. well who could say no to such an amazing team? not me! every week they have a different designer that comes up with a sketch. then the designer and all of their amazing team come up with layouts for the sketch. how cool is that? they feature designers & a team from all over the world. their sketches are also available as layered digital templates, which is pretty darn cool. hope you get a chance to check it out this week!

after church, we spent a good part of the day with some friends enjoying the sunshine. how can you beat sittin' in the sun eating salmon that you just smoked on a cedar plank. ah, heaven! i love watching kids play and listening to the make believe worlds they come up with. just a perfect sort of sunday afternoon. by the time we headed home the girls were pretty wiped out, but emma was still up for some backyard picture taking. again, lucky me! :)

this tree in our yard emma calls "her tree." mom, get a picture of me with my tree. look at how tall i am next to my tree. what kid doesn't like a tree that's just about the same size as them?

from emma's tree (japanese maple) looking up

she is her mama's girl with those fancy faces. it's funny how we could pass for twin silly faces. although, she pulls it off WAY better than i could ever hope to.


Chrispea said...

Photos are beautiful. Love your backyard... I'm a bit jealous!! (not for the mowing part tho!;) Congrats on Pencil Lines. Great sketch!!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on the GDT spot at PencilLines! I love checking out their site each week. Thus, how I fell upon your blog! Awesome photos!!! You have adorable girls. Great blog!!

Tina said...

Great pics of Emma. And, I love the layout on the site with you as the guest designer. Great job, Noel!!

Camilla Blue said...

I love the PencilLines site! I'd just discovered it a couple of weeks ago from another blogspot that I follow (can't remember which one now). Loved your sketch and your final layout too. I'll have to try a layout myself. What a nifty honor to be asked to do that!! You are so talented, Noel!

Emilie Ahern said...

I went and checked out your skecth and it is AMAZING!!!

I totally printed it out and will be participating in the challenge.

Sara Ancich said...

I heart the Mermaid line at Gymboree too...


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