Thursday, March 12, 2009

another sunrise

another sunrise

another sunrise picture from our porch from this morning... again. thought it looked pretty cool reflecting on the window, too. i'm thinking i need to start having my tripod up for some of these morning shots. i got this one with my 50mm. pretty soon the sun will start rising at an hour(s) of the morning i do my best never to see! so i better catch as many as i can before the longer days really set in. :)

happy almost friday!


Sara Ancich said...

What a view. Your day can't go wrong when it starts with a sight as beautiful as that! happy Friday!

Joanie said...

Oh, what a beautiful shot and what a breath-taking view you have! I just love the beautiful luscious colors of sunrise and sunsets.

Tina said...

I wished I lived up higher to get such a great view of the sunrise. I love those pictures, Noel.



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