Wednesday, March 11, 2009



i was going to post my pic of the day of my process of cleaning my scrap room today, but i thought this one would catch emma and some of the evidence of the cleaning. i worked for a few hours to clean what hasn't been seen since sometime this past fall... my table. it had gotten so bad, there was a little path on the floor that had been gradually getting smaller surrounded by project reminents. i guess the sunshine spurred my spring cleaning bug (because it was still only about 30 degrees outside).

the girls worked on some making & writing some thank you cards after school, and my table was clean enough for them to actually write their notes there. wish the lighting in the picture wasn't so weird. it was getting darker outside, and i had the light on in my room... so the light mixture made things look a little funny.

thought i'd add a little sneak peek for my the scrap review product review that's coming up next week. :) keep an eye out... if you're interested. either way, check out this awesome website for cadid reviews of all things scrappy. (i know i sound like a crazy advertising freak, but i really really am loving this site!)


Jaimie Lea said...

cute preview, cant wait to see the entire thing!!

I like the lighting on your pic of Emma

Tina said...

Noel, you are making me feel guilty. I really need to do the same with my scrap room. Right now, there is so much in there that is not scrap related. I need to take the room back and make it my own, so I can actually use it. Can't wait to see what you have for us on Scrap Review.

Have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

"so the light mixture made things look a little funny." Oh yes. Ambient mixing... No easy fix without some photoshop heavy lifting.. But I am glad you didn't post the photo just because the white balance is schizophrenic... Better to have a special shot with weirdness (even bad focus) than nothing at all.

I am enjoying your daily postings!


torrey said...

wow mom that scrapbook was so cute!! emma looks so concentrated!!


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