Friday, March 13, 2009

just hangin'

just hangin'

went back to the doc today to get hooked up to my old buddy the heart monitor again. so far all of my test have come back well, but i didn't have an episode when i was wearing it last time. so i'm sitting here lookin' like i'm powering a walkman. :)

i did quite enjoy the nurse that "hooked me up" this time. i asked her if she was going to "sand the crap" out of my skin and lecture me about wearing just a bralet (not a pretty picture for me) for 24 hours. she wonderfully answered, "nope, i'm not a bra-burning, sand the crap out of you sort of nurse." i love it! nothing makes for a better doctor visit than a great nurse (and doctors, of course)!

anyway, rather than getting another picture of my wirey get up, i decided to get a picture of torrey hanging out in the backyard after school. just makes my heart smile.

worked on a couple scrappy projects today that i'm hoping to post tomorrow when i can get a decent picture of them.


Chrispea said...

Hello girlie. Hope you're feeling OK. Love the photo of Torrey. Such rich colors. take care. {{hugs}}

Tina said...

Love this picture of Torrey. Love her in that red shirt!!!



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