Friday, February 20, 2009

mad science

mad science
well, really it's pretty happy science

can i just say i love the girls' school? of course i can... and i will! i LOVE the girls' school! lol. torrey's been working on her science project for about a month... learning all kinds of things about electricity and its effects on water. well, because of our crazy weather this winter (snow & floods) the school had postponed the science fair. with the change the science fair would fall during our vacation, and torrey wouldn't be able to share her project. torrey decided it was worth asking if she could share her project early. turns out, it was worth asking. one of the judges made a special visit to her class today and video taped her presentation. i just thought that was so great that they would make such a special effort for her to be included! what a cool school. :)

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Veronica said...

Now THAT'S cool! Will she still be included in the "placing" of winners? If you can get your hands on the video, I would LOVE to see it!!! Enjoy your vacation!


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