Thursday, February 19, 2009

death, taxes & science fair projects

what might the title of this post have to do with this lovely picture of my sister & niece? well, nothing. my sister does a co-op school deal with her kiddos, so it leaves some time for a girls day on thursdays sometimes. they stopped by with a suitcase for us to borrow for our trip & had some coffee. and that was the highlight of my day.

the rest of my day was filled with the other fun-ness. taxes. blech. seems like there was a ton more paperwork this year than in the past. so it's been a lot of sorting, printing & imputing. i worked on taxes for a good portion of the day, then helped torrey with her science fair project when she got home from school. she needed to get her display board done to turn in tomorrow. electrolysis & water. it would be today that my printer ran out of black ink, and a major headache to strike. murphy's law, i guess. thanks a lot murphy! we did get everything finished, though. [she's turning it in early since we're heading out on vacation.] i forgot how much work went into those babies. i'm really gonna need our vacation after that project! lol. but now i'm rambling with my headache... so it's time to say goodnight.

oh! and wow, i guess i hit 50 days on 365 today, too. whoo hoo!


Emily R. said...

That little tea set below is sooooo stinkin' cute :D

Veronica said...

Good luck Torrey on your project!!!
Have a fun time in Disney!
I KNOW: 50 days!! Can't believe I've done it also!!
Your sister and niece are lovely!

Jackie said...

Oh that is a good pic of the girls....but I thot my stopping by was the highlight :(


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