Saturday, February 21, 2009

the jean king

the jean king

my darling wonderful husband and his all denim all the time look he sports whenever he does yard work, always gives me a good laugh. not that it's that big of a deal, and not that he's out there to impress. i think it just reminds me of youth group functions trying to find someone in the mall dressed in all denim. so don't ask me why it strikes me so funny, but i guess those fun memories run deep. :) he loves that jean jacket, because it was his grandpa's. how cute is that?!

anyway, he was out enjoying some saturday morning yard maintenance. (yah, he enjoys that!) and i snuck a pic of him talking to torrey. gotta love that handsome workin' man.

i worked on a scrappy project today that i'll be able to post soon... oh and i have a fun announcement that'll be coming on monday. (while we're at disneyland... yahoo!!!) so maybe i'll have something other than pics to post soon. hee hee. i'm totally loving this 365 project!


Jackie said...

Stan the denim man :) Do I detect flannel too??? You let him out of the house with flannel on?

noel joy said...

lol... only into the backyard. i have my standards, you know.

julie said...

ok- i am already dying to know your fun announcement! don't make me wait too long! have a great trip- sounds so fun!

Stan said...

jeans rock! that's all i have to say.

Veronica said...

I agree with Stan! Jeans do rock! My gamma called them "dungarees!" LOL
Can't wait for your announcement!!
Have fun in Disney!!

Scrappy Girl said...

We love our denim too...Have fun at Disney!


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