Tuesday, February 3, 2009

holy moly

holy moly

holy moly is right! i think we have a herd of fast digging (or fast breeding) moles in our yard. their little mounds are popping up everywhere, and we're starting to look like a scene from caddy shack. :) if anyone has any good mole-ridding tricks, let me know!

beside that though, it was a beautiful day. i had coffee with my sis & our friend jennifer. we took a walk and hung out for a few hours while all of the kids were at school. just a nice mom day to enjoy the sunshine. we also busted out my new super secret spy lens from photojojo. getting used to it was a bit like trying to pluck a gray hair out of the back of your head using two mirrors to pin point it. it can be done, but it takes some practice. lol.

after jennifer took off, i decided to walk around my yard a bit looking for some fun pics, and to mess around with my *spy* lens. (none of these 4 shots were from he spy lens.) oh, and to answer the question about the middle pic from yesterday, i defogged it in photoshop, and sharpened it.

i think madrona trees are so cool looking. their bark is a bright rusty orange color, and they're always peeling all over the place. just a cool weathered looking tree trunk.

this moss was on some old fallen trees in our yard. it was so fuzzy looking, and in that bottom pic... those little mushroom looking things reminded me of something off of a scifi movie. :)


Stan said...

I had no idea our yard was so cool. Nice pic of Jennifer.

CJandErik said...

Great job on the photos so far, not only taking them but getting them edited and posted on a timely basis, I am in awe.

On the moles, I had them, now I have a cat. New problem... moles "mostly" no longer breathing are dropped off like trophies near the back door... must be very careful they are in fact dropped prior to allowing "the great hunter" back in. Funny he was declawed when we rescued him, but he still mouses and moles with the best of them.

Veronica said...

No help for your "Mole" problem, sorry. Love the pics. The last one looks like "Golf Tees" breeding!! I'd like to order a couple dozen please! LOL

Joanie said...

I had to read Holy Moly a couple of times before I go it... mole-y! Very cute! (Sometimes I'm a bit slow ;)

About moles... the best bet is a cat there are other ultrasonic things but none is as good as the cat!

okanogangirl said...

don't know if it's true or not - but apparently moles don't like human urine. You can take it from there ----

could just be a wives tale - we didn't feel appropriate trying it when we lived in W WA.

Awesome photos.

Val said...

That last one does look like golf tees. But because our kiddo likes to watch Shrek, the first thing I thought of was Shrek's ears. Eeewww!

Anonymous said...

HI Nicole, It's Mnbabe from AMR or CK.
This may sound weird but it really works. We have a cat, didn't get rid of moles, but wise eldery neighborhood gardening lady gave us this tip 3 years ago to get rid of moles. Our yard looked horrible and mowing the lawn was a nightmare.
The tip is "juicy fruit" gum. And it has to be that type of gum. Put this in the hole, cover it up and the moles flee your yard. In the spring as soon as we see that first new hole, we do this and that's all it takes....they vacate the yard. That one little mole must tell all his friends b/c that's all we have each year. lol! Good luck!


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