Wednesday, February 4, 2009

only time will tell

only time will tell

no particular reason for the post title today, except that the pic is of a clock that i thought was cool. the sky was beautiful today, and this old clock is obviously cool. it was a quick one to post process, too. only took some of the blue cast off the face of the clock. :)


Emily R. said...

I love these fancy old clocks! Beautiful!

Veronica said...

Very nice. I love the scroll work on the clock and on your "siggy"!

Jingle said...

I love this photo! I want it in a frame! It is gorgeous!!!

Latrice said...

I would say yes you have a mole problem!! They are harsh to get rid of!

Love this clock picture too!!

Dawn Morgan said...

Great photo Noel. That is a neat old clock.


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