Monday, February 2, 2009

hot cross buns

hot cross buns

one of those all american moments in a child's elementary years is the recorder. torrey's hit the age where she gets to learn, practice and play recorder at school. she is now very fluent in *one* song... hot cross buns. i'm not exactly sure how many times we've heard this song in the last 2 weeks, i'll just say many, many times. but she's really getting a kick out of it, so maybe i'll dust off my old flute sometime and teach her how to play hot cross buns on that... :)

these pics were the runners up for pic of the day today. i took a walk around our yard this afternoon since it was such a nice day. (in washington a nice day is defined as one where you can see that the sky is some other color than white or gray.)

something fun to try: have you ever played with the vivid or saturated setting on your camera? a lot of digital cameras have added a setting similar to this in the past few years. on my camera is under menu > camera > set picture control > vivid. it's a fun setting to try out to up the saturation on your pics and really *pop* the colors. :)


Teresa said...

All 3 are gorgeous photos. Have you thought of doing a collage and using all 3? I wish you lived closer to me so I could take classes from you. Suggestion: Why don't you offer some type of PSE photo class online somewhere? Your stuff is awesome!

Teresa aka teresascrapsfor5

davidsmum said...

I had to laugh at the recorder comment! I remember when I learnt to play, many, many years ago. It wasn't hotcross buns that I "thrilled" the family and neighbours with, but the British National Anthem "God Save the Queen"...can you imagine?!!!!
Love the pics by the way!

Jackie said...

Is that middle photo untouched or did you alter it in cs3? Cool colors

Chrispea said...

That's a great picture. They all are. I totally forgot about the recorder.

Anonymous said...

Great shots! Love the color in the ivy (a bit frost nipped?) Glad someone was able to get outside today with a camera! Did you PP at all or are they straight out of the camera?

Amy L said...

Thanks for the fun memory about the recorder! I didn't realize it was a universal motherhood experience! You must tell us if you photoshopped that middle photo. I am dying to try this, very cool!

Veronica said...

Yes, I remember those "Recorder" days! Bless you. ;)
Pictures are lovely. No setting like that on my camera. :( Soon though, I'll get a "Big Girl's" camera!! TFS

Anonymous said...

ditto on the cool photos. must know about the middle pic!


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