Wednesday, February 18, 2009

where's waldo? or was it where's wemma

the girls played outside after school today. it's always nice this time of year when you have a partially sunny day that's not freezing. the girls were out climbing trees (and bushes) in the backyard. i was wondering around getting pics of them doing their thing. i had my 50mm lens on, which i love. it does mean you have to use yourself to zoom, though. by that i mean, if you want it closer, you've gotta move yourself closer. :)

anyway, so there i am with my 50mm, and emma asks me to get a pic of her climbing a "tree"... or whatever kind of shrub it is that she was climbing. so i stepped back to get the whole bush thing in the pic... and man, she looks so tiny up there. can you spot her? lol. i added a hat to the one below to make it easier. lol.

the girls call their tree climbing spots their "crow's nests" in the yard. and i was informed this afternoon,"it's not like the nest of a crow, mom... it's like the crow's nest on a ship." well there you go. i'll have to watch out for my spies in their crow's nests... although i have to admit the bushes look a little like the singing shrub from the three amigos. :)


Stan said...

I didn't know they could climb that bush! Wow.


I think that might be rododendron (sp?) if it is, WOWZA you have a beautiful bush that flowers in the spring!!! She is SO cute!!!! And I love the where's wemma:)

Veronica said...

I spotted her BEFORE I saw the pic with the hat!! What fun!

Jackie said...

looks like a rhody to me :) with a face in the midst...girrella in the midst :)

joscelyne cutchens said...

that's funny because I automatically thought crow's nest on the ship. hee hee! ;)


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