Thursday, January 8, 2009

record snowfall to record FLOODS

record snowfall to record FLOODS
a day in the life of a western washington resident

i had several to choose from for my pic of the day, but i thought i'd go with this one for the sheer irony. marine drive, a local road in our town - and one i used to live off of - is looking more marine-ie than usual. i took this picture from standing on the makeshift sand and sandbagged dyke that's keeping stanwood from these flowing flood waters.

check out how fast that water is pouring over the bridge here. i wasn't about to walk out on the bridge to find out just how much water & force it takes to wash a bridge away.

just thought this was a little comical, too. maybe i shouldn't see so much comedy in everyday life. but then sometimes humor is what keeps you going through the hard times. there are so many people that are really suffering great loss in these floods. i am thankful that our house is on high ground, and is safe. we'll be helping with the clean up with friends as soon as the waters receed.

the park & ride under water. thankfully there are no cars there this year. several years ago, cars parked to commute and by lunch a sudden flood had drown all of the cars there.

this is a lovely landscape shot of farm fields and the road to access them...


Veronica said...

WoW! Mother Nature can be so cruel and beautiful at the same time! You're right, Humor is what gets us thru!

luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

Hey Girl

We were there a year ago exactly...just was going to email you this but will share here with you ...SU news...

hmmmm...interesting huh?

heidihappyscraps said...

good morning! Wow, the flooding is pretty intense there. I have a friend that lives in Orting and she said they had mandatory evacuations but her and her family did not go because their house is on a hill too. I hope the water receeds soon!

I remember last winter when I was still in Washington, they had bad flooding as well down in Olympia and Shelton and I-5 was under water! I just don't ever remember it being that bad when I was a kid. I've lived in Washington all my life! I guess it goes to show you that we really are experiencing global warming. Yikes!

Anyway, I am glad to see that you and your family and home are safe and sound. Don't get too close to the flood waters. I hope you aren't cut off from any major roads or anything... if so I hope that you at least have enough food and water. :)

Looks like you guys will have to invest in a boat soon, huh? :)

By the way, GREAT pictures! My favorite one is the Marine Drive one and the Park and Ride one. Amazing.

Have a great weekend! Stay dry!


Sara Ancich said...

unbelievable. I just gave my 6th grade students an assignment to write a persuasive letter to Mother Nature asking for 24 for hours of snow (we are in L.A.)...we better be careful what we wish for.

Jingle said...

This is insane! I'm glad you are on higher ground!

Val said...

Glad to hear you are safe and on high ground. I also worried about the rain and flooding on top of all the snow, as my sister and her family lives in western WA too...but they are all safe and sound.

I hope it doesn't destroy any more houses/ terrible to hear about.

Camilla Blue said...

good for you, getting out and getting pictures. we haven't left the house (indirect orders from eric). i didn't realize HOW bad it was in stanwood!

laura said...

Wow the news doesn't show half of what I see in your pictures. those are great even though it would be nice if you didn't have any like that to take. Love the birthday girl too! I don't understand the aperture part to fool with it. Any pointers? I would love some! Have a great day. We are finally expecting our first snowfall this season! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Thanks for braving the elements to capture the images of the floods. WOW! There is so much water! We know the area, as we have camped up at Warm Beach CC; and always love the view of the beautiful valley, which is now a huge lake. We are praying for all the folks dealing with the floods, there are just so many out there dealing with tough living conditions. We too are greatful to be living in nice dry Lynnwood. I'm sure in the coming weeks we all will have opportunities to give help to all the folks affected by this great weather.


noel joy said...

hey kimberly. glad you're staying dry down in lynnwood. i worked at wbc for 7 years. it's a fantastic place. :)

okanogangirl said...

Wow - I remember that stuff - glad you're okay.

So Noel, do you mind sharing WHEN you worked at WBC? I used to go there all the time! Have some great memories of it - our good friend Rod Brown moved here recently after working there for so long.


okanogangirl said...

Noel - where did you get the vingnette you used?

noel joy said...

you know rod! oh how fun. i just saw him a couple of weeks ago when he was out visiting.

i worked there from 92-99. so i know rod well. if you see him, tell him i said hi! all of his kids worked for me when i was there. wow. what a small world!

i did the vignette in photoshop i saw it on my friend janet's site... hold on i'll post the link on the ckmb cause it's a cool deal. :)


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