Wednesday, January 7, 2009


7-7-7 picture

my double-0-seven picture is of emma's morning birthday fun. we woke her up to the beautiful sound of our best morning voices {{oh wow, are we bad!}} singing her happy birthday. then we all sang her happy birthday again with her surprise morning cookie with candles and all. i just love the sleepy eyes, bed head and jamies. daddy made her his special breakfast of hashbrowns, eggs and bacon. then we sent her to school with cookies on a stick. she was pretty much thrilled with the day.

school was canceled tomorrow due to all of the crazy flooding here. {{hurray for living on a hill on an island!}} i'm hoping to get some cool pics of stuff underwater tomorrow. hopefully only road signs and not cars, houses and businesses.

**edited to add picture info**
camra: nikon d300
aperture: f/4.0
exposure: 1/160
iso: 1250
focal length: 28mm

i didn't use a flash, had the lights on dim behind her. bump up that iso, lower your aperture, and set your shutter speed fast enough to take the picture. using a tripod can help if the room is really dark, too. but it's not always conducive to little kids wanting to blow out their candles... :D


Veronica said...

GREAT picture! I love getting those kind of pictures.
I was watching the news about the flooding. Stay safe!!!!

Jeanne said...

For some reason, I thought/assumed your girls were twins. Silly me.

Great shot and it sounds like she had an awesome birthday.

Stay safe with all that flooding going on around you.

Sara Ancich said...

Please share what setting you had your camera at to get that awesome candle shot. I have tried countless times, either the candles are in focus or the blower, but never both! Thanks. Stay dry!

Chrispea said...

Happy B-Day Emma! Great shot!! I have a picture of a road sign almost completely underwater... it was by a bridge... major detour that day. Good luck with your day. Stay safe.

Scrappy Girl said...

Great photo! I have adopted daughters that are only 10 months and 3 weeks apart. How close are your girls?

Stay safe! We got a snow day today! Yippee!

okanogangirl said...

Awesome picture! Wish I had birthdays like that!

Glad you're on a hill! The town over there we owned our first house in was on the national news last night because of the flooding (Lyman). We were the highest point in our neighborhood so we were okay, but I understand the stress. Our driveway flooded regularly. When I was a kid in Skagit Valley, our back yard would regularly have 2 feet of water in it.

Vanessa (aka V, Vanes, Nessa) said...

Happy Times!!!
Nick turned 7 at the end of Dec :)
Man our babies are growing up girl!!!
I totally enjoyed your blog Noel, haven't had a chance to visit it lately until now! Looks awesome!

Val said...

Wow, that picture is it!

Eileen said...

Fabulous picture, Noel!! Thank you for the camera're a valuable source of information!

Glad you're high and dry in all this water!

Camilla Blue said...

i can't believe how much emma is changing in her looks. this picture is beautiful. (she's always been beautiful, she's just getting an older, less baby face.) great photo, noel!


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