Friday, January 9, 2009

project torrey 009

project torrey

had a hard time deciding which pic to use for today. i finally went with torrey using my blackberry to call daddy this morning. we were snuggling in my bed, to the lack of sharp focus is likely due to the fact that i was wearing neither my contacts nor my glasses.

i spent the day taking random shots of torrey. this one of her getting ready to eat the breakfast that emma and madison (my neice) made for everyone this morning. french toast... all by themselves. one of the perks to the kids getting older! they also made place cards for everyone and folded the napkins. it was pretty darn cute. (place setting to the right is for stan - note the hello kitty plate. lol!)

a shot of the girls and cousins this morning. we were talking about idioms at breakfast this morning, so torrey grabbed their book on idioms (even more parts by tedd arnold). they get such a kick out of all of the phrases, and trying to figure out what they mean. they would all guess then i'd help explain any they didn't know. so stinkin' cute!


Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

I agree, total perk of the kids getting older...they can get US a drink from the fridge :) or breakfast...although I am not sure I want my boys near the kitchen :)

Veronica said...

Lots of "perks" when kids get older, but of course you lose the "good ones" like them "wanting" to clean! LOL ;-) Great pics!

collin said...

Oh...this post brings back a flood of memories of my youth. Waking up at the crack of dawn to harvest the wheat for the homemade french toast i would make the entire neighborhood. My and my brother anticipating the newest book of idioms to come out so we can learn such euphimisms as "You're really somethin'"......uh.....where did you get these kids?!

Stan said...

...welcome to the Stepford zone Collin!

collin said... little girl is dazed in front of the TV watching Barney teach her how to say Please and Thank You, eating a bowl of Sugar-Soaked Styrofoam Packaging Peanuts cereal...At least I know who my competition is for "Father of the Year Award". You're going down Stan...


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